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Lomas de Zamora: the boxer who draws his Fiat 147 to start his international career in Mexico

To Dylan Ahumada, a young boxer from , life gave him one of those challenges that force him to decide priorities: his dream is to forge an international career and he has the possibility of starting it in a tournament in Mexico, but to achieve it he must resign something that cost him a lot to achieve.

Originally from the town of Villa Albertina, in that district in the south of Conurbanohas been in practice for five years boxing under the instructions of his coach, Daniel Capria, who included him in his team. With rapid progress, he managed to obtain the World Boxing Council (WBC) featherweight South American champion belt (55 kilos).

The Fiat 147 that Dylan had bought saving what he earned from his job at a fast food place.

Although Dylan assured that he already has accommodation, he needs to raise money to be able to pay the cost of the flights. In that sense, he decided to raffle the Fiat 147 car that he had managed to buy saving what he earned as a fast food worker.

The effort of the young boxer from Lomas de Zamora

The athlete from Lomas de Zamora with his WBC featherweight South American champion belt.

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In his crusade to raise funds for the trip (about $600,000 in total), Dylan assured that “boxing is my passion and I want to make this career my profession, because I want to dedicate myself to this.” In addition, he revealed, “I am very grateful because I received messages of support from many people, it is something that surprised me.”

Dylan works and studies in the last year of high school: he wants to have a professional future with boxing.

The boxer sells each raffle for $500 and can be purchased by contacting the Instagram account of the team he trains with, the Capria Team. Furthermore, he appeals to the solidarity and he also receives donations in his Mercado Pago account (CVU: 000000310000039680161, with the alias: VIAJE.MEXICO.DYLAN).

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