Lomense raffles his car to travel to Mexico and become a professional boxer

In order to raise money and travel to Mexico in October to finish his professional training in boxing, Dylan Ahumada, 19, from Villa Alb

In order to raise money and travel to Mexico in October to finish his professional training in boxing, Dylan Ahumada, 19, from Villa Albertina, Lomas de Zamora, organized a raffle for anyone who wants to participate where the prize it is his own car, a Fiat 147.

Regarding the initiative, in dialogue with DiarioConurbano.com, Dylan said: “It is my first car, I bought it with a lot of effort thanks to working in a hamburger restaurant in Villa Albertina during the pandemic. It hurts me to get rid of my transport but it joined me with my dream which is to be world champion in boxing. Although with the raffle I do not cover the total cost if he comes to travel.

Since the age of 14 he has been practicing this discipline that he is passionate about. Likewise, he belongs to the Capria Team sports team, led by the Bachelor of High Performance, Daniel Capria, who holds his classes at the José Verni Development Society, located on the corner of October 12, Las Heras, Banfield and in the Lomas Municipal Park.

In this sense, Capria expressed: “Dylan has more than 60 amateur fights and three professional fights that he won by knockout. Although he still does not have a professional license because we want to do that precisely in Mexico, he does have an amateur license as well as the ability to appear in the expert category. On October 1st we should be there because there is already an armed schedule for the combats. Dylan is the first amateur in Argentina to receive a belt from the World Boxing Council, the WBC Amateur”.

On the other hand, he explained that each number can be selected from a grid that must be requested through their social networks or by cell phone at 1167836958. It costs 500 pesos and can also be paid by transfer.

“I want to be at the height of international boxing from the beginning, I want to travel and my dream is to be at the top of boxing representing the town where I was born. I need everyone’s help, I want the Municipality to listen to us too,” Dylan shared via Facebook.


It is important to highlight the importance of promoting sport as a useful tool for inclusion. That is why the group led by Professor Capria presented a project to the Secretary of Sports of the Municipality of Lomas de Zamora and to Councilor Vilma Gonzalez, but unfortunately it has not yet been debated in the Honorable Deliberative Council.

In general terms, the project raises the idea of ​​creating more possibilities and options of spaces for boxing, encouraging sports practice through presentations in establishments, providing adequate information to parents, thus generating confidence in the discipline, among many other issues.

“When I noticed the progress in my students, I began to need help in terms of incorporating professionals to the staff such as a psychologist, sports specialist, nutritionist and other issues that had to be solved financially beyond our reach, such as covering the cost of tickets to participate. of events in our country. We always did raffles because from the Sports Secretariat they tell us that there are no funds, “said the professor.

Lara Lagi