“Macho” Camacho, the lord and master of extravagant costumes

Bayamón, Puerto Rico.- On the planet called boxing There have been different fighters who demonstrate a characteristic style above the ring, while

Bayamón, Puerto Rico.- On the planet called There have been different fighters who demonstrate a characteristic style above the ring, while others obtained it based on mythical entries and presentations that, perhaps, did not enter history but in the mentality of connoisseurs and experts it happened.

Several of them for having appeared with a little peculiar style at the time of their entry towards the strings, causing an illumination of fame for their being and at the same time provocation to their rivals, who believed that these acts were part of presumption and babble that took place throughout each month, in the face of the main fight.

At the time of the blows, the figure that appeared below the ring mixed with the one who put on the gloves to go out to register a new triumph in his personal brand, and this story refers to what happened with the legendary ex-boxer from Puerto Rico, Héctor “Macho” Camacho.

The native of Bayamón was born on a distant May 24, 1962. He grew up among the street fights that existed in the dangerous neighborhoods of New York City that induced him to practice boxing at 15 years of age, until he obtained a better style for fight.

Male Camacho in a fight

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His experience earned him the specific belts of five different divisions: the super featherweight title, lightweight, super lightweight (junior welterweight), welterweight and super middleweight, mixed with a record of 88 official fights, among which 79 won the victory, 28 of them by knockout and 41 by unanimous decision.

His numbers made him an opponent of different former fighters of high caliber and who left their mark, as much as he did in boxing: the American Sugar Ray Leonard, the Panamanian Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán and the nationals Óscar de la Hoya and the “Great Mexican Champion” .

“Macho” Camacho versus JC Chávez
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The popularity of “Macho” Camacho It became even broader when, between his times of greatness, he began to appear with confidence and enough vanity when he went out to the battlefield with a number of representations that became a trend, and at the same time different professionals began to imitate his way of reaching the ring, dressed in a peculiar and eccentric way.

The Puerto Rican was one of the main boxers to disguise himself in different ways to win over the public, where throughout his fights he dressed as Apache, emperor, Roman warrior, firefighter, soldier, karateka, bullfighter and even to be the “Macho Man” , a situation that positioned him as the lord and master of the suits as his main battle cry “It’s Macho Time”.

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