Madness in the NBA of Durant and Irving that attracts LeBron, golden allies

It is more than evident t

It is more than evident today: Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are starring in the great soap operas of the summer transfer market in the NBA. There is still more than a month to go before the new championship begins, but some of the league’s biggest stars have serious doubts about their professional future and The New York team could experience a historic debacle if what many already expect is consecrated, the goodbye of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The good relationship between both players and the departure of one of them will encourage the other to leave behind the franchise directed by Steve Nashwho has not yet given credit to what happened. Durant has bluntly asked to be traded as the former Warriors and Thunder player has serious doubts about the direction the Nets will take in the new season.

After the debacle experienced last season, the forward born in Washington wants to leave behind his time at the Barclays Center to join a project that does provide guarantees in order to win the Ringas is the case of the three teams that are on the lookout for the player in case the Nets president finally, Joe Tsaiaccept his escape: Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors.

A possible bomb, falling

However, the biggest surprise does not lie in the interest of these three teams in fishing in a troubled river, but in the aforementioned Lakers. The situation of Russell Westbrook, who treasures a super-maximum contract, is increasingly unsustainable in the Californian team and a possible exchange between the 2017 MVP and the aforementioned Irving or Durant is beginning to gain a lot of strength.

It is obvious that the two of them will not be able to land on the Crypto.com Arena this summer due to fair play financial, but LeBron James has been filled with hope after knowing this possibility that is getting closer to becoming a reality and which would return the illusion to ‘The King’who wants to fight for the Ring in possibly his last campaign at an optimal level and who would have in Irving or Durant a new golden ally and a reason to dream big.