Madrid explodes after the Champions League draw: “It’s a ‘shameful'”

The draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League was repeated this Monday at 3:00 p.m. after the mess with the drums, caused by "a technic

The draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League was repeated this Monday at 3:00 p.m. after the mess with the drums, caused by “a technical problem with the software,” according to UEFA in a statement. The controversy was generated in the Villarreal pairing. In the first instance United came out, one of the two clubs that could not touch him (the other was Real Madrid, which had already left and also could not face any second Spaniard). Arshavin’s face was a poem when he read United, knowing that that team could not be.

The mistake was made by the person in charge of catching the balls of the first classified who could face Villarreal, which were six of the eight. But in the drum where United came first and then City there were seven balls. That is, the six possible rivals of Villarreal were in the hype, in addition to United, which was curiously the one that came out. PThat to the error, it was valid in the second instance, because all the possible rivals were inside, and Villarreal accepts that City will be his luck.

The problem worsened later, when Atlético de Madrid was waiting for a rival. The person in charge of handling the balls was wrong and withdrew Madrid and United (instead of Liverpool, rival of the mattresses in the group stage). In other words, the Old Trafford team, which could perfectly be Atleti’s rival, was not in the ballot box when it came to getting around that box. This led to claims, which have caused UEFA to assume its error, rectify and decide to repeat the draw (15:00).

Following a technical problem with software from a third-party service provider that instructs officials on which teams are eligible to play each other, se produced a material error in the draw for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League, “UEFA said in a statement.

Madrid made an institutional statement

Madrid was one of the big losers. According to the SER, the white team did not understand the decision of “repeat the complete draw and not after the Real Madrid-Benfica matchup. It is an adulteration as flagrant as the one that has produced later“It is also announced that Madrid has” approached UEFA to express its position. “

After talking to the highest body, the explanations received by Madrid were not enough and therefore they were not accepted. The white club did an institutional statement in the mouth of Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations of Madrid: “It has been surprising, regrettable and very difficult to understand. Taking into account the millions of fans who were waiting for the draw, as well as the entire world of sport. “

Club sources have described what happened as “a ‘shameful'”, making a play on words between the continental body and what happened in the draw. The anger inside Madrid is monumental …