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Sergio Maravilla Martínez (53-3-2, 30 KO) has been everything in boxing. The 46-year-old Argentine has won nine world championships and in 2020,

Sergio Maravilla Martínez (53-3-2, 30 KO) has been everything in boxing. The 46-year-old Argentine has won nine world championships and in 2020, after six years retired, he decided to return. He did it first to remove the thorn of a bad ending (injuries weighed down his last fights) and then, spurred on by the good feelings, try again to play a World Cup. To do this he got into the ring twice last year (he knocked out his two opponents) and returns this Saturday (9:00 pm, Eurosport 2) in Valdemoro. It’s a special fight since he boxes in the city where he now lives and will get into the ring in Madrid after almost 14 years (His last fight in the capital was at the Sage 2000 Sports Center in October 2007, long before winning his first World Cup). “In Quilmes, where I lived in Argentina, I boxed many times. Then I started traveling and stopped doing it. I’m very excited to get it back“admits AS.

The restrictions of the pandemic have prevented the Argentine from boxing again. “I have a lot of experience and it has happened to me more times. I look Chinese from so much patience that I have learned to have in boxing. But I know that I play against time “, he remembers. In that fight to return to the great posters, England’s Brian Rose (32-6-1, 8 KO). It is one more step, but Maravilla speaks openly: “He is a rival with great experience. He will do his 40th fight here and is never hasty when it comes to making decisions. The English are also very tough, but if I want to get to where I have marked myself, I must finish Rose in six or eight rounds (the duel is agreed to ten). It is a difficult challenge, but I like that and it is what I must demand of myself“.

Martínez is number three on the WBA (middleweight) lists and there he has his focus, but he knows that everything has been complicated. The body has been threatened by its title policy (there were categories in which they had three monarchs), and has begun to reduce it. A champion by weight, as it should be, but that lengthens the path of the Spanish-Argentine. “We’ll see if winning on Saturday I keep going up. It seems that Murata, WBA champion (He had an interim belt, but Canelo’s resignation made him absolute king), he’s going to fight Golovkin in December. I have already started to see GGG fights, I see him as a favorite. If that happens, maybe I should redirect my path because the opportunity will take longer. See what happens“, Add.

Maravilla is a veteran with the illusion of a debutante and that shows in every talk, except on Thursday afternoons. That day represents in the Luchana Theater in Madrid the play Bengala in which he plays a boxer on the brink of retreat who is his nemesis. Acting is her other passion: “Being a boxer has helped me when it comes to interpreting. In both situations you get tense, but the heart beats differently in boxing. There is real risk and that makes it more difficult“, he concludes. On Saturday you will feel that feeling of getting into the ring at home again.