Marcelo Ords: “We want Madrid to be the world capital of football 365 days a year”

ANDThis afternoon I visited the Juanma Gozalo studio during the broadcast of 'La slate de Quintana' Marcelo Ordswho as of December will be the dire

ANDThis afternoon I visited the Juanma Gozalo studio during the broadcast of ‘La slate de Quintana’ Marcelo Ordswho as of December will be the director of the museum of relics and various objects such as shirts, boots, balls, trophies… that he has been collecting for more than 30 years. The museum will be located in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol and will have seven floors and more than 4,000 square meters.

Football is war: “We call the shirts ‘armor’, because that is football, modern battles in which you only die of pain but every Sunday gives you an option to revalidate.”

Pieces of history: “We have more than 6,000 pieces between relics, objects and armor in our collection. It was crazy that so many pieces of human history had been kept and that the greatest human passion, football, did not have its history safeguarded, the one that we carry.” 30 years recovering”.

Everyone wants the museum: “We were traveling to many cities in the world, with the offer of the authorities, including in Rome, where his holiness suggested I take the collection to the Stadio Communale in Rome; or the Emir of Qatar, who wanted the museum fixed in his country”.

The ultimate home: “I felt that I had to do it in the football capital of the world and, definitely, I think that is Spain and that is Madrid. Firstly because the most winning club in history is here, also because its rival has one of the most in the world and because it is the country with one of the most competitive leagues on the planet”

Full support: “My company, Legends, comes with the full support of the local authorities and with the support also of the global representatives of football, with FIFA, with CONMEBOL, with UEFA, with La Liga… and with the idea of ​​turning this not only in a specific experience, if not to make the city the world capital of football 365 days a year”.

A dream: “I would change my entire collection for Leo Messi’s shirt, champion in Qatar 2022. Spain excites me, but Argentina excites me”

Marcelo Ords together with Miguel and Nahuel in the editorial office of DiarioMARCA

The history of some of the pieces:

Javier 2010: “We have Xavi’s shirt against Portugal in the round of 16 of South Africa 2010. I told Xavi, when I met him, that a referee gave it to me and he remembered the story and told me about it. Xavi said: “I made a good move and behind me I heard the referee tell me what a bastard, that he was a genius. In the end they were squeezing us and in minute 95 I told him to whistle at once. he l he told me if I would give him my shirt in exchange and I said yes. I pit instantly and gave it to him.”

Cruyff 1974: “A month before the 1974 World Cup, the Netherlands national team changed sponsorships and started wearing Adidas. Cruyff, who had a contract with Puma, met with the president of the federation to tell him that he would not go to the World Cup and they reached an agreement. That’s why while his entire team wore the three Adidas stripes, Johan Cruyff played that World Cup with a shirt, shorts and socks with only two stripes”.

Maradona 1986: “We have Diego’s shirt in the 1986 World Cup and we will display it with great pride in the museum. I hope to also have the Leo shirt in the 2022 World Cup.”

France 1978: “We have a rarity from the 1978 World Cup, when Hungary and France, already eliminated, were both wearing away shirts, but being both white, they had to run to get the kit of a small club, Kimberley. I would wear it and the French ended up winning the match with the Kimberley shirt. Then the kit protocol for the World Cups was created”.