Mariano Moreno receives the June Boxing Festival

In facilities of the Sports House The official weigh-in of the two professional fights that wil

In facilities of the Sports House The official weigh-in of the two professional fights that will close the Boxing evening at the Mariano Moreno Development Society was held.

Friday night will have “flat nose night” from 9:00 p.m. in Mariano Moreno and in the previous one the billboard was officially launched that will close with two professional fights that promise.

In the Semi-fund match, Lorena Agoutborde returns to the City and will face Lilian Silva. The local boxer accused her 57 kilos on the scale and her opponent 56,850.

I like to fight at home, we prepare very well to return to victory” said the representative of Barragán Box and the woman from Santiago stated that “I’m fine to give my best even though I have respect for all my rivals”.

In the fight between lefties that will close the event, Gerónimo Vázquez, who weighed 65,900, will cross gloves against Denis Andrade, who registered a weight of 65,650 on the scale.

Both southpaw boxers agreed that it will be a good fight.”that had been postponed, but it will remain in the memory of the spectators”.

“They are going to have two good boxers in the ring to close the night”

In addition, “Tito” Videla, organizer of the show together with Carlos Gasparini and the Municipal Boxing Commission, made the presentation of the 7 amateur evenings.

The program:


Sasha Bertolano (Barragán Box) vs. Ana Laura Pignanelli (Carlos Cásares)

Nicolás Gallardo (Chino Uvibox) vs Benjamin Rigo (Blue)

Thiago Mendoza (FB Box) vs. Alejandro Almeida (Dojo Pantera)

Rosa Bermúdez (Barragán Box) vs. Gisel García (Sea Of Garlic)

Alan Sarro (Sea of ​​Garlic) vs. Matías Marino (La Pampa)

Gustavo Angel (Laprida) vs. Rodrigo Saenz (Tandil)

Facundo Farias (Videla Box) vs. Luis Bethonart (Bellorq)


Lorena Agoutborde (Barragán Box) vs. Lilian Silva (Santiago del Estero)

Geronimo Vazquez (La Pampa) vs. Denis Andrade (Santa Cruz)