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Max Verstappen’s mother makes brutal revelation about the driver’s state of mind

The mother of Max Verstappen, Sophie Kumpenmade a devastating confession about how the Dutch driver’s mood was after winning the Formula 1 (F1) World Championship to the British Lewis Hamilton.

Although being F1 Drivers’ Champion may sound spectacular, Sophie Kumpen shared that her son was defeated: “He came home a few days after winning and he was absolutely finished. He was mentally exhausted and just wanted to be home. I prepared food for him and we spent a few nice and quiet days together,” commented the mother of Max to Heroes magazine.

The mother of Verstappen He also pointed out how part of the family experienced the intense battle between the Dutchman and Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabiwhere they defined the world championship.

“The stress level was almost too much to handle. When the pace car came out, her sister Victoria texted me saying, ‘With all your candles burning and angels, if there isn’t a miracle now, I’m going to be mad!’ a lot with you!'” he added Kumpen.

F1: Max Verstappen’s mother asks for the protection of her son

Sophie Kumpen He was a pilot, so he knows what it is like to experience the adrenaline of speed firsthand, but he recognized that every time he Max Verstappen compete lights a candle and asks for the protection of his son.

“Every time they put on the helmet, there is a risk. That’s why every Thursday before the race, I go to the church near my house and light a candle for protection and to keep things going. That’s about 250 candles! for all the years he has been competing!”, concluded the mother of the current world champion in the category.


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