Mayor in Brazil imitates Rocky to inaugurate wrestling and boxing center

Recreating the training scene of the legendary Rocky Balboa, the mayor of Santa Luzia, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, runs throug

Recreating the training scene of the legendary Balboa, the mayor of Santa Luzia, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, runs through the city punching the air, with the famous soundtrack accompanying him to the top of a staircase.

The video, which went viral on Mayor Christiano Xavier’s Instagram account, was recorded to promote a fight that he starred in this Wednesday with another politician from Santa Luzía, to inaugurate the “largest in the country” public and municipal fight center. , according to the mayor’s office.

Xavier, from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and former police officer, faced the president of the municipal chamber, Wander Carvalho Jr, from the same group, since none of his political rivals accepted the challenge.

“The goal is to promote and encourage sports, which keeps people away from drugs and a bad life, and publicize the opening of the center,” said Christiano, who is used to openings with sports practices, as he did in a court of fut-volley or on a skate park.

Introduced by a presenter with a cowboy hat, the politicians of Santa Luzía They exchanged blows in the brand new ring for several minutes, until Carvalho Jr. he gave up the fight.

“It is a great satisfaction to share the ring with a great friend,” said Mayor Xavier after posing for photos hugging his opponent.

Due to the growth of covid-19 infections, on the recommendation of the local Ministry of Health, the confrontation was held before a small audience and was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

“Sport is health and dignity, and fighting is a sport like any other,” said the politician, rejecting alleged criticism for encouraging violence with combat.

The Municipal Wrestling Center, “the largest of its kind in the country,” according to the local government, will offer free activities to promote the sport. The old shed that was used as a warehouse now has two rings, two octagons, 20 punching bags, climbing ropes, training dummies, among other equipment for practicing martial arts.

There will be muay thai, taekwondo, , mixed martial arts (MMA) and functional gymnastics classes for an estimated thousand beneficiaries among the residents of this city of some 218 thousand inhabitants.

In December, Simao Peixoto, mayor of the municipality of Borba, in Amazonas state, got into a fight in a ring with a former councilman after an alleged verbal confrontation.

After the fight, the mayor’s office explained that it was a “marketing ploy” whose objective was to collect food donations, contributed by the public to witness the event, to deliver Christmas baskets to those in need.