McLaren goes all out with the signing of Brawn’s title maker in 2009

Published: Monday, October 18, 2021 17:18

The McLaren team has not been very optimistic about their future in Formula 1. They believe that they will not be candidates for the title with the new regulations in hand.

They don’t look competitive until at least 2024 … and they want to change that at the factory. For this they have signed the ‘genius’ of the Brawn team, Nick Fry.

He participated in the success of this team, with Jenson Button at the helm (world champion in 2009). And then he was part of the Mercedes team.

The team of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo wants to change the forecasts and get closer to the victories from next season. Something that he has already achieved this year with the triumph of Daniel Ricciardo.

All teams are already working 100% on the development of the 2022 car, when the new regulations come into force. Many of them are going to the market to sign the best engineers of the moment.

And Fry is clearly one of them. McLaren does not give up and wants to be among the best. 2022 will mark a sentence and will show if the figure of this engineer has been decisive in the performance of the car.