Meet the new Houston Rockets

It is surprising how removing a single piece of the project causes an earthquake that throws everything to the ground. The open secret that was be

It is surprising how removing a single piece of the project causes an earthquake that throws everything to the ground. The open secret that was becoming James Harden’s departure, that piece that gave Houston a long period of high competitiveness, finally took place in January, when it joined the Brooklyn nets. The architect of the entire project, Daryl Morey He also left to be the GM of the Sixers and Mike D’Antoni, the coach, did the same. From there, from one hundred to zero – although in Harden’s final weeks as a ‘rocket’ the team no longer worked. The Rockets were the team with the worst record of last season (17-55) and with him, they got the second pick of the Draft. Jalen green It was a safe bet to start building with. The Rockets have achieved an interesting hellenic of rookies, among which is the Spanish Usman Garuba And now it is a matter of time, growth and many movements for us to see Houston again at the top of the Western Conference.




Team 20-21

Jalen Green (R) ES / BIgnite (G-League) Kevin Porter Jr.US / A Houston Rockets Danuel HouseA Houston Rockets Jae’Sean TateA / AP Houston Rockets Christian woodPHouston Rockets Eric Gordon ES Houston Rockets DeMarcus Cousins ​​PHouston Rockets Daniel TheisPCeltics / Bulls / Rockets John WallB Houston Rockets Armoni Brooks, Houston Rockets Dante ExumACleveland Cavaliers / Houston Rockets Kenyon Martin Jr. AP / A Houston Rockets DJ AugustinBMilwaukee Bucks / Houston Rockets David NwabaA / ESMilwaukee Bucks / Houston Rockets Alperen Sengün (R) ABesiktas Usman Garuba (R) AP / AReal Madrid Josh Christopher (R) BArizona State (NCAA)


The shocking news were last season and now, the Rockets have been loaded with young people with a future to begin to cement a block that everything indicates that it will take years to consolidate. To the Kevin Porter Jr., Jae’Sean Tate and Kenyon Martin Jr. they have joined four interesting rookies. Jalen green, the most mediatic of the rookies and the one the Rockets count on to create a greater impact in a short time. Fixed holder. Josh christopher, chosen in the 24th position of the Draft, he has shown to have good offensive weapons handling the ball and a great physique for a perimeter player. For its part, Usman Garuba and Alperen sengun They land from Europe, with experience in professional basketball and will fight to increase their minutes in the rotation. The rest of the new players already arrived in the middle-end of the season, as they are DJ Augustin and Daniel Theis.

Kelly Olynyk it was the Rockets’ most outstanding outing. Arrived from Miami, the player arrived at a site where he had the opportunity to sign very good numbers: 19 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.1 assists. Now, come to another project with more future than present, such as that of the Detroit Pistons. The other marches are those of Avery Bradley to the Warriors and Sterling brown to the Mavericks.


Jalen green

He just arrived in Houston and is already the one that grabs the most headlines. The exterior, more of a scorer than an organizer, has been testing this preseason as a base, since it John Wall will not start on time at the start of the season. In the Summer League and in these preparation games he has been seen with confidence, knowing that he is in an ideal environment to grow together with the team, but he must be clear that the group results will not arrive this year, nor surely in the next. In Houston he has room to play and as a good number two in the Draft, it will be Cade Cunningham’s biggest competition for the Rookie of the Year award.

Christian wood

Wood is an interior with good mobility that has already shown to have touches of a good player in the Detroit Pistons. Upon his arrival at the Rockets, his sixth team in five seasons, he took over the team’s boxscore and was the leading player in scoring and rebounding. Increased your minutes and averaged 21 points, 9.6 rebounds and 1.2 blocks. However, Wood’s determination to be one of the pivots to be reckoned with in the league was cut short by an injury that had him sidelined for half the season.


The departure of D’Antoni brought the arrival of Stephen Silas to the team in October 2020. These Rockets are the Silas’ first experience as’ Head Coach ‘, after twenty years as an assistant coach in up to seven different teams. Last season he had to pick up the pieces of a broken vase and now he has to do it from scratch. With a block as young as this and with players with whom you have to experiment to get the best out of them, it is very difficult to foresee a certain style for these Rockets in this course. Play and add minutes of experience.


The objective is internal, to make the players grow, to be lucky enough that a veteran does his part and attract the attention of a contender to obtain a transfer and remain discreetly in the low psoicones of the conference and look for a good pick for next year. Like last year, Houston will be a clear candidate to be one of the worst teams in the West.