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Melgar vs. International: tickets, price and how to buy to watch the South American match

Melgar vs. International: tickets, price and how to buy to watch the South American match

vs. Porto Alegre for the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana quarterfinals. The red and black cast has battled against all odds to be able to reach these instances, for which they need the support of the fans to carry out this complicated match.

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It is because of that FBC Melgar announced the prices of its tickets for all Arequipa fans who want to get closer to the UNSA Monumental Stadium. In this way, what will be the commitment to Internacional for the great Conmebol contest is already throbbing.

The prices are between 15 and 240 soles, depending on the sector of the stadium and the children present in the sports venue. It is clear to indicate that the sale will only be online through the Joinnus portal.

Melgar vs. International: Tickets

It should be noted that Melgar has indicated that the price for children is considered for those who are under 12 years of age:

Similarly, there are prices that Melgar has launched for those with disabilities:

Melgar and the ticket prices for the duel against Internacional for the Copa Sudamericana.

For the taste of the fans, there is a presale that has started on Saturday, July 30, in which fans can buy up to 4 tickets per person.

Melgar vs. International: How to buy tickets?

You must enter the Joinnus portal and access the account with which you have registered. If you do not have any, you can create it through your personal email.

Followed by that, search for the event of the match (Melgar vs. Internacional) and access the page with the list of tickets. Choose the area of ​​your choice and click “BUY” and then cancel it with the entry of your debit or credit card.

Once the purchase is made, the web portal will send you the digital tickets with the respective QR code for entering the stadium to your personal email.

Presale for Melgar vs. International for Copa Sudamericana.

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