Mercedes ‘getting fed up with Hamilton’

Lewis Hamilton has just added his second podium of the season, but the Briton's journey from Arabia to Canada has called into question his commitme

Lewis Hamilton has just added his second podium of the season, but the Briton’s journey from Arabia to Canada has called into question his commitment to Mercedes. The new regulation has taken its toll on the Brackley car, in fact its interpretation for the 2022 concept is taking its toll on them with the porpoising problems, but Russell’s results during his first course with the structure of the star are revealing the performance of the seven-time champion.

In Mercedes they decided to give up the continuity of Bottas to increase the competitiveness of their duo, but the arrival of Russell has raised many doubts about Lewis’s commitment to Mercedes. The Briton extended his contract with the Brackley team before the possibility of giving up his eighth crown against Verstappen as it turned out and despite reappearing in the presentation of the W13 promising to exhibit his best level, the reality is far from all those words that have remained into oblivion

The seven-time champion is sixth overall, behind his teammate and according to Bernie Ecclestone, former F1 manager at the Daily Mail, Mercedes “is getting fed up with Hamilton.” Toto Wolff, the highest representative of the German team, could “offer some other driver less money and keep 20 million pounds (approximately 23 million euros)”. According to the 91-year-old Briton, “no one needs to tell Toto this because they have already thought about it” and although it has not been revealed, Lewis’s salary in relation to his performance can lead to such thoughts, especially due to the profitability of the team.

According to Ecclestone, the British “is not making any effort”. “He’s not prepared to push himself to win like he did and as for Hamilton’s dramatic exit from his car in Azerbaijan, did he really have back problems? “. The former leader questions all the complaints of a Hamilton who has gone from calling attention to his superiority on the asphalt, to giving something to talk about due to the outfits he wears during each Grand Prix weekend. “I don’t know what he’s doing dressing up in all those weird clothes. Is it to be noticed?”, asks Bernie, before highlighting the role that the seven-time champion has acquired in recent times.

Hamilton “is a character”

“The way Lewis acts, he’s a character whether you like it or not. He is black, which is good and he is different from all the other drivers in many ways”, argues Ecclestone about Hamilton’s role in a World Championship where “characters are needed”. Although according to the former leader, the behavior of the seven-time champion is for his own benefit “and not for Formula 1″. “The danger is that people talk more about Lewis than about F1,” says Bernie, about a character who is here to stay for the time being.