Messi’s 30th at PSG: “It’s the biggest launch in football history”

Ligue 1 - France The club's planning director explained that "the sales rate is exceptional." LPSG shirt with the number 30 collapsed the website o

Ligue 1 – France The club’s planning director explained that “the sales rate is exceptional.”

LPSG shirt with the number 30 collapsed the website of the Parisian club just a few hours after the Argentine star was presented at the Parque de los Príncipes exactly a week ago.

In the club’s two largest stores in the French capital (Parc des Princes and Champs-Élysées), sheepskin was sold like donuts. So much so that the professional shirt (the one that costs 165 euros) it was finished within hours of going on sale. It was still, and is, possible to buy the 115 euro one, from a less professional fabric.

To quantify sales, the planning director of the Parisian club has spoken, which denied, yes, that it had already reached one million shirts sold, but, in turn, affirmed: “The sales rate is exceptional-. It is surely the biggest launch of a soccer jersey in history. But we are far from a million shirts. The signing of Messi was done very quickly. It is not something that we could have anticipated in time. We are agile, but we have to respect the manufacturing times of our brand -Nike, in this case-, which has its production rhythms to see the number of shirts that are put on the market. We are not magicians, “said Fabien Allègre.

Thus, while the date on which the Argentine star will debut (probably on the 29th in Reims), in the Parisian club they work to supply T-shirts with the silkscreen of Messi and 30 to all their stores. It would not be surprising if in a year, given that sales rate, it was the best-selling shirt in football history in percentage terms of a year.

For now, the titular replica (blue) and the alternate (white) are for sale. The third version will go on sale in September, and the fourth in January. “During the last two seasons, it was with these four models comor we reach one million t-shirts sold “Fabien Allègre finished.