Mexico City, the Boxing Capital of the World

This will be a week of great work, important decisions to be made and awards to be awarded. The World Boxing Council celebrates it

This will be a week of great work, important decisions to be made and awards to be awarded.

The World Boxing Council celebrates its 59th annual Convention in Mexico City after 21 years of celebrating them around the world. We have called this magician event “Together Again” and the world of boxing is gathered in our city after two long years of waiting derived from the pandemic that completely changed the dynamics of the world.
Mexico City celebrates being the third most vaccinated on the planet and the protocols we have established for this convention are strict to safeguard the integrity of all attendees.

Today Monday we are in the traditional Arroyo Restaurant celebrating the official opening in the company of our Head of Government, Dra Claudia SheinBaum Pardo who will honor us with the official declaration of opening of sessions. A number of current and legendary champions are present. Floyd Mayweather, Oscar DelaHoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Larry Holmes, Julio Cesar Chávez and an endless list of Ring Idols, along with Ana Maria Torres, Mia St John, Jackie Nava, La Barbie Juarez and many more champions.
Commissioners, ring officials, promoters and members of the boxing community from around the world have gathered in the Plaza de Toros De Arroyo to witness a magnificent opening ceremony that has been produced by Televisión Azteca precisely as it is celebrating its 15th anniversary. of being the boxing champions on Mexican television, La Casa del boxing.

They are giving highly sensitive moments, since we are paying tribute to all who have left the path of no return, granting our love and company to those who have lost relatives and loved ones, also highlighting wonderful stories, such as that of Bridger Walker, that child who she defended her 4-year-old sister from the attack of a wild dog being the inspiration to name the new category, between cruiser and heavy, “Bridger weight“…. Oscar Rivas who became the first world champion of the Bridger division will be on stage to have a match that will surely bring us to tears. Too. As well as this, there will be a significant amount of moments and surprises for the attendees.
After the ceremony, all registered conventioners will go on to enjoy the delicious food of this epic place, surely accompanied by a beer and a good tequila. The preparation and dedication of my friend Pepe Arroyo has been spectacular and these moments will be remembered by all attendees. As has happened in the various celebrations that have taken place right here. The 1988 convention lunch where Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali were together, the 20th anniversary as president of the WBC of my dear dad, Don José Sulaimán or the party to celebrate the five years of world champion WBC straw of Ricardo Finito López when my Papa presented him with a gold belt with precious stones.

This will be a week of great work, important decisions to be made, and awards to be awarded. Eddy Reynoso will receive a series of recognitions so fair for his career as a boxing coach, Saul Canelo Álvarez will be present for the closing of the sessions and thus specify the work plan for 2022. All united and Mexico always present.

Did you know?

Mexico City was the seat of the creation of the World Boxing Council in 1963. The then President of the Republic, Adolfo López Mateos, who was a boxer, summoned the highest authorities of world boxing since there were few opportunities for Mexicans to dispute world title fights. Thus was born the WBC World Boxing Council. Various conventions have been held in our country, 7 in CDMX and 4 in Cancun.

Today’s anecdote:

It was at the convention in 1988, the year my father was reelected, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Don King were captivating the attention of all attendees. Precisely the food was given in Arroyo, but before that there was a historical event in the bullring of the Bullring. Mike Tyson in the center with a cape and his traditional bandana, suddenly the door opens and a heifer comes out at a slow pace, small and inoffensive, Mike seeing that he was going to him, he jumped running at full speed and with a jump he He went up to the rostrum.