Mexico Golf Card presents its project for lovers of this sport

Rodrigo Fueyo, CEO and promoter of México Golf Card, spoke with Life and Style about this initiative in order to have access to the bes

Rodrigo Fueyo, CEO and promoter of México Card, spoke with Life and about this initiative in order to have access to the best of golf in the Mexican geography.

“Golf is more than just going out to the field and playing 18 holes, this sport is very enveloping in terms of experiences, from luxury, lifestyle and the community that this activity generates,” Fueyo commented.

This activity was gaining ground in the period of sanitary isolation, since being an outdoor sport where there is a natural distance between the players, many people were able to practice and have this possibility of physical activity.

combines elements for the user experience of different products and services that accompany you before, during and after being on the course. That is to say, since you are going to choose your clubs to play, clothing, dining options and accommodation in case you travel to a different location where you can play golf, as well as tournaments and special events, all this being part of our community ”, Rodrigo Fueyo commented.

Mexico Golf Card includes golf courses in Mexico City, its surroundings, Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla, Monterrey, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, among others for this initial phase.

“This seeks that golf, beyond the corporate theme, permeate more other new athletes, both young or of any age and gender, so that they join and make a more robust community”, commented the CEO of México Golf Card. In Mexico, a universe of more than 150 thousand golfers is estimated.

With this resource there is the possibility of entering clinics, which are the units where in simulator spaces you can practice golf in closed places with an atmosphere like a sports bar with the best setting, in Mexico City there are these spaces in Mazaryk and Santa Faith, businesses to which Mexico Golf Card It gives benefits to visit them and prepare in this sport.


Rodrigo Fueyo, CEO of México Golf Card and Manuel Aguirre, Director of MGC, presented this project from their offices in Torre Mayor.
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From its offices on Piso 51 in Torre Mayor, the bet of Mexico Golf Card is to create experiences for its members to provide added value with users.

There are four different types of memberships: Prime, specialized in young users up to 25 years of age, who are starting out in golf; W, is focused on women over 25 who are part of the community; Black, is a product for men over 25 years of age; Titan, this is for a high-end profile with premium services included.