Mexico Golf Card sees a new boost to business in sport

Golf is a sport that, in addition to being passionate about 120 thousand people in Mexico, encompasses experiences, lifestyles, communities and als

Golf is a sport that, in addition to being passionate about 120 thousand people in Mexico, encompasses experiences, lifestyles, communities and also has an estimated value of 25 billion pesos due to the income it generates in terms of travel, car rental, restaurants , clothing brands, etc.

This potential was the reason that Rodrigo Fueyo, CEO of México Golf Card, saw to launch four memberships that allow athletes to access experiences around this great sport, but always in the hands of strategic partners such as hotels, sports stores, restaurants , airlines, car rental companies, Spa’s among others.

To do this, the director talks to The reason, the best way to do it is by creating a community through cross marketing, inviting other companies to join and explore a market with high purchasing power that has also not been fully served, or at least not with a concept like the one presented last october.

For the businessman, sport is one of the ones that presented the greatest dynamism during the Covid-19 pandemic and it was thus that even during the most complex moments of the disease, he decided to launch the concept that at the end of a year will have enrolled a thousand golfers , among men, women and young people under 25 years of age.

What we want is to show the different companies how they can develop strategies hand in hand with this sport so that their businesses grow since by joining Mexico Golf Card, we intend to become a community that allows businesses to access the world of golfers

Rodrigo Fueyo
CEO of México Golf Card

What is Mexico Golf Card? This new Power Golf company is emerging as the largest golfers unit in Mexico, we are offering golfers the possibility of acquiring one of four memberships that give them different benefits including experiences; In other words, they will be able to access benefits on golf courses, in golf practices, simulators, clinics or golf classes and also in golf stores with the main brands, and with that you would be encompassing everything you need as a golfer to be able to play; However, we did not stop there, we decided to also incorporate everything that has to do with travel and lifestyle, because we understand that the golfer in Mexico not only goes and plays, but has all this halo of lifestyle in which ends up having experiences in trips, restaurants, etc.

New concepts have entered the golf courses, such as Topgolf in Monterrey, it is something that allows you a very incredible activity to go and hang out with your friends and we are also offering to form a community of companies that are related to the world of golf, that is, We offer a series of benefits to our partners, but we do it hand in hand with different companies. We have hotels, private airlines, car rentals, we have the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, restaurants, everything that goes hand in hand with the golfer’s lifestyle.

Where did the concept come from? My partner Manuel Aguirre and I have dedicated ourselves to the world of corporate golf for 12 years; However, this last year as a result of the pandemic, many people began to play golf, because it is one of the activities that is done outdoors, in Mexico it was one of the activities that both young people and women and men began to develop, because they saw that it was one of the means to be able to go out and interact, so talking about that is that he was born. Many years ago there were projects in which only benefits were offered on golf courses and then we decided that it was time to integrate other things, so we offered a membership with benefits not only in the golf course to play the 18 holes, but also We also seek that those people who are not related to this world can get started. This idea became a company called Mexico Golf Card, which after an investigation we decided to launch four products: Prime, for young people under 25 years old, W, for women over 25 years old and with exclusive benefits; Black, a card for men and Titan, a card for a premium segment that you can only access by invitation.

What else is this product looking for and what potential does it have? Mexico Golf Card is in Mexico to add, we seek to contribute with our partners, that members visit our establishments, we want to generate experiences. In Mexico we seek to position ourselves as a community, but one in which experiences are the most important thing for our partners. With Mexico Golf Card you will be able to have benefits in hotels, in trips, in private flights, car rental, so all that at the end of the day what you are going to do is add. Basically that is what we are going to finish generating, the integration of more businesses that serve this segment.

What was it like to make synergies with other companies? We began to see what there is outside of golf, what the golfer does and that was how we joined companies such as Grupo Posadas and through a business program that they have, you can access hotels from Live Aqua to One, we We approached Groups like RCD and now they can also access Nobu in Los Cabos, Hard Rock or Marriott. We also have synergies with Hertz, with Dollar, with Europcar; In the case of private airlines we have brands like Fly Across, Patriot, speaking of lifestyles we have brands like Roche Bobois, among others.

How much is the Golf market worth? There are many ways in which it could be valued, there is a figure that indicates that it is worth 25 billion pesos, but it can be measured in different ways, such as in rounds of golf, in buying and selling items, in economic spillover in destinations of the country, in Real Estate …, then if you add it, the figures can be important.