Mexico stands out in Formula 1 digital audience

The hierarchy you have acquired Sergio Czech Perez inside of Formula 1 continues to generate attraction on

The hierarchy you have acquired Sergio Czech Perez inside of Formula 1 continues to generate attraction on the part of the Mexican market towards this competition. According to figures from Zoomph, an American brand and sports analytics consultancy, Mexico is in the top 5 countries with the largest digital audience during the first two Grand Prix of the season, held in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in March. .

The expectations of the Mexican public have been great to see the second season of Sergio Pérez from Jalisco on the Red Bull Racing car, after he finished fourth in the 2021 Drivers’ World Championship and achieved the best number of points in its history in 11 years in Formula 1, in addition to his teammate, Max VerstappenHe is the reigning champion.

With these attractions, Mexico positioned itself as the fourth country with the largest digital audience during the first 2022 Grand Prix, which was held between March 18 and 20 at the Bahrain circuit. Mexican fans generated 6% of the total activity around Formula 1 on Twitter (the social network on which the study is based), only behind Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In that race, Czech Perez he dominated by staying in podium position until the last lap, where he was unable to finish due to technical failures and ended up ceding third place to Britain’s Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. In total, the race in Bahrain generated 551,000 posts and more than 1.8 billion impressions on Twitter, which means 66% more than the impressions for the same Big prize but from 2021.

In addition, according to the analysis, the beer brand with the greatest digital impact was Corona, of Mexican origin, surpassing Heineken, which came in second place. On the other hand, the airline with the greatest presence in this circuit was British Airways and in terms of watch brand it was Hublot.

Zoomph also analyzes the values ​​of the brands during their participation in the Grand Prix. In the case of Bahrain, he describes that Shell was number one, reaching a price of 1.43 million dollars, followed by Santander with 1.29; The consultant highlights that they won those positions thanks to their high exposure as sponsors of the Ferrari team, which that day was left with 1 and 2 on the podium with the performances of Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz.

Another of the study statistics are the followers of the teams on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles. In this category, Ferrari was the winner with 227,584 new followers, while the Haas team ranked second with 184,544 and Alfa Romeo it was third with 93,714. However, in percentage terms, the most benefited was Haas with 15.57% more followers, thanks to the outstanding performance of its driver Kevin Magnussen, who finished in fifth place and scored points for the team for the first time since October 2020.

for the second Big prize of 2022, held in Saudi Arabia on March 27, Mexico became the number one country in digital audiences with more than 15%, relegating the United States to second place with 13% (the top 5 was completed by the United Kingdom, Spain and France).

One of the factors that fueled the growth of Mexican attention was that Checo Pérez won the first pole position of his career one day before the race, raising expectations of a podium finish. Due to this, the Mexican digital audience increased by 166% compared to that of the Bahrain Grand Prix and it also grew by 35% compared to those who followed the second race of last season, which took place in Imola.

“That weekend showed how an individual driver can make huge waves on social media. In Jeddah, that driver was Sergio Pérez. Winning his first pole position on Saturday boosted the social engagement of his fan base in Mexico, making it the best country of the weekend. As a result, the audience on Saturday was 21% more likely to be from North America, but on Sunday the audience was again overwhelmingly European (at 7%),” Zoomph published in his report after the Arabian race. Saudi.

With Czech Perez winning pole position and Max Verstappen in first place in the race, the brand value of Oracle, the new sponsor of the Red Bull team and holder of its naming right from this season, became the highest in the Saudi Grand Prix with a total of 890,273 dollars, followed by Puma with 786,653, although it should be noted that the latter is a sponsor of three Formula 1 teams: Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes (the first two occupied the podium in Saudi Arabia).

Sergio Pérez also ended up as the most present driver in Twitter conversations with 37,600 mentions, although in terms of teams the most popular was Mercedes AMG Petronas with 43,200.

Regarding new followers, Haas was again the leader in Saudi Arabia with 89,441, while Ferrari obtained 87,123 and Red Bull 71,828, to complete the first three places. Those figures meant a growth of 2.54% for Haas’ digital fan base, while for Ferrari it was 0.52% and for Red Bull 0.33%.

The next Formula 1 Grand Prix will be at Melbourne Park in Australia on April 10, where Czech Perez He will arrive seventh in the Drivers’ World Championship with 12 points, while his teammate Max Verstappen is third with 25. The first two places are occupied by the Ferrari drivers: Charles LeClerc with 45 and Carlos Sáinz with 33.