Michael Masi thanks FIA and F1 – Lights of the Century

Michael Masi took over as F1's race director in 2019 following Whiting's death ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. ST

  • Michael Masi took over as F1’s race director in 2019 following Whiting’s death ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

CANCUN, Q. ROO.- Former Formula 1 race director Michael Masi thanked the International Automobile Federation (FIA), after making his departure from the organization official. According to Motosport, the Australian manager shared a statement, in which he highlighted the support of some members in the organization.

“Having worked on various projects around the world with the FIA ​​and its member clubs for over a decade prior to my appointment, I have now decided to leave the organization and relocate back to Australia, to be closer to my family and friends”, Masi pointed out in the message.

The Australian took over as race director in 2019, following the sudden death of Charlie Whiting, ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. Masi remained in office until February 2022, when his departure was made official, after an investigation into the incident at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where he chose to resume the race, after the safety car, a strategy that harmed Mercedes. and allowed Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to win the Drivers’ Championship.

In the months that followed, the FIA ​​kept Masi ‘on the payroll’ with work in other positions. The Australian received death threats against him and his family after the incident in Abu Dhabi.

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