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Pablo Alejandro Rondon | @PablinhooAlee CARACAS. After his debut in Formula 1 in 2021, Mick Schumacher left without points during th

Pablo Alejandro Rondon | @PablinhooAlee

CARACAS. After his debut in in 2021, Mick Schumacher left without during the season, one in which he raced at the age of 22, the same as his father had at the time of his debut 30 years earlier. The “” managed to add units in his second career, and therefore, his son will only have one opportunity to match his line.

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Well, the first Grand Prix of the upcoming championship will be held in on March 20, two days before the Formula 2 champion in 2020 turns 23 calendars. He would even do it three months older than his father did.

“Schumi” came fifth in Italy in 1991, when he was , eight months and five days old. If Mick manages to be in the top ten of the valid inaugural motorsport premier class in , he will do so at 22 years, 11 months and 29 days.

Nothing easy for Mick

Although it will not be easy for him, since it is not expected that his Haas, considered one of the most limited teams in the event, may have developed in such a way that allows him to be, for the same performance of the vehicle, among those who have the possibility of harvesting points or fight for them.

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Although the new regulations will be released, which may vary the conditions, in the same way the team of North American capital and powered by Ferrari is rather a quarry for the most enriched teams, such as the Italian house itself, which already has Schumacher as his test driver for 2022, with the hope that his maturity will allow him to keep his surname high, one of the most important in Formula 1.

Remember that Mick got to that point after being twice runner-up in Formula 4, champion in Formula 3 in 2019 and winner in the prelude to the gold category in the previous season. His father managed to be the first in 1987 of the Formula König, a championship that served to promote drivers at that time, and in 1990 he won the German Formula 3, so the development of the first-born may be more successful.

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