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Mike Tyson, the luxuries and follies that cost him 500 million

Mike Tyson he won millions of dollars in his sports career, but at some point in his life he went bankrupt due to mismanagement of his money and for having wasted it, as he himself mentioned.

Tyson began his professional career on March 6, 1985 and last fought in 2005. Generate great wealthmany speak of more than 400 million dollars, but he was also left with nothingand he himself revealed what happened to that money.

“When you’re earning that much money, it lasts a long time. The money didn’t run out right away, it took like 15 or 16 years for me to go bankrupt. I’ve been doing a lot of silly things like: ‘hey girl, do you like that car? Ok, come spend the weekend with me,’ just crazy things you can do with your money,” Tyson said.

Speaking to The Pivot podcast and which was taken up by the specialized site Izquierdazo, Iron Mike He said that the last thing he had left was to pay for his addiction rehab, when he was going through one of the worst moments of his life.

“I spent the last money I had on rehab, about a million dollars. I had enough money left, like two million dollars, and I bought a house in Phoenix. The house was hard to sell, but someone loved it and boom! he gave me the money. This is God at work.”

Tyson, who He was world heavyweight champion for the first time in 1986Less than two years before her debut, she spent part of her fortune on luxuries like diamond necklaces, a gold bath, and even Bengal tigers.

Do not inherit your fortune to your children, because it could hurt them

The youngest heavyweight champion in history learned his lesson and said that the only thing he will not do is inherit his fortune to his children, because if he does, he will hurt them and not help them.

“Pray more and work more. Be the hardest worker and believe yourself, I can’t help them by giving them money. I can only hurt them if I give them money. They have to learn because if they don’t have any aspirations and don’t experience any adversity, at the slightest fight they will give in.“.

Currently Iron Mike has a company that is dedicated to the production of cannabis in California, which leaves him with estimated earnings of about 500 thousand dollars a month. He hit rock bottom, but the former heavyweight champion got a second chance and now he enjoys it.

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