Ministries of Energy, MMA and Agriculture will request an increase in resources for climate change initiatives in the 2023 budget

As a way to respond to the need to take action to address the climate crisis and in the face of Budget Law 202

As a way to respond to the need to take action to address the climate crisis and in the face of Budget Law 2023 -where each ministry must ask Congress for the budget they need-, three portfolios They plan to request an increase in resources allocated to climate matters.

In the figures corresponding to the 2022 Budget Law, the Ministries of Agriculture, Energy and Environment are between the portfolios that developed a greater number of programs aimed at climate matters in 2021, according to a report from the Budget Directorate.

the three ministries pointed to DF in writing, that propose requesting a higher budget in these areas compared to what was allocated the previous year.

The energy portfolio proposes a budget amounting to $18.6 billion in initiatives aimed at climate change, with a 11.6% increase compared to the one allocated to the programmatic offer in 2021, where nearly $16.7 billion were executed.

In the case of Ministry of Environmentthrough the data they manage to date, estimate a minimum of $ 2,000 million only for the implementation of the Climate Change Framework Law during its first years of implementation. In addition, they point out that “it is necessary to increase the budget available for climate change”.

Meanwhile, the agriculture portfolio I affirm that “the discussion about the 2023 Budget Law is still very incipient and there is a bit left to begin to define the needs of the Ministry, but, without a doubt, climate change must be present, just as it has been in recent years.

However, they project for the coming years that the budget requested by the Ministry consider an increase in the Climate Change item“especially in terms of adaptation to climate change and irrigation works”.

Expenditure executed

Analyzing the figures corresponding to 2021 and regarding whether each ministry executed all the expenditure that was committed in initiatives related to climate change, Energy indicated that they executed “99.9% of all the expenditure committed in the programmatic offer linked to climate change”.

Environment also made all the expenditure for that period.The same is planned for this year.because we are already in the process of contracting the goods and services that are linked to planning, which should be closed in the coming months,” he says.

In the case of Ministry of Agriculture, did not refer to this point.