Mission, amplify and popularize golf in Mexico

started the Mexico Open at Vidanta, an official tournament held by the PGA Tour in our country, and with it the sign that this activity has to beg

started the , an official tournament held by the PGA Tour in our country, and with it the sign that this activity has to begin to be taken seriously in Mexico. First contest of this caliber in Mexico after the pandemic; before, the WGC was a success in CDMX. Now, things are different, with a different atmosphere and becoming a sporting event, but also social and entertainment around.

It is true that it is considered elite, but in recent years it has had significant growth. every time there is more golfers in Mexico, because there are also more public fields and programs like First Tee Mexico, which bring low-income children to play this exciting sport.

This tournament that takes place in Puerto Vallarta has 132 PGA Tour professionals, among which are the Mexicans and , that every time they come to play in our country they are received with passion by the public and generate great expectations. In addition to these two well-known golfers, eight more from our country participate (three amateurs). José Antonio Safa, the youngest Mexican golfer to participate in an official PGA Tour tournament, at only 18 years of age, is one of the non-professionals.

Sometimes it seems that we forget that and that we do not learn from history. Already at the time, Lorraine Ochoa showed that talent for this sport can emerge in Mexican territory. She was number one in the world and came to dominate on the LPGA, so there is an example of success.

I insist, there are those who reject this sport because of the high cost it can have, because they say that there are very few who can practice it, but they do it without understanding that it is an activity that has captured its public like many others. Or how different the prices of golf clubs are from those of a highly competitive bicycle, when there are some of these bikes that cost more than 100 thousand pesos. The discussion is not about the fact that it is an expensive sport, because many others are too. The discussion goes through props around each sportand in golf, of course there are.

Namely, golf does not want to put itself in the same place as football in terms of followers, but it is generating its public, which really likes to play, some make a significant effort to do so, and it has nothing to do with socializing.

This week in Vallarta there is once again an important phenomenon with golf, whose Mexican Federation reports steady growth and that events like the Mexico Open help reinforce the path towards something better, without thinking, I insist, that it will come to unseat soccer or baseball. That’s not their purpose, they don’t even measure themselves that way, when all they want is to grow.

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