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Missouri MMA Fighter Found Missing Almost Two Years Ago

A fighter of the mixed martial arts (MMA in English) was found lifeless in a forest of the North American state of Missouri (United States), as reported in a statement by the Branson Police Department.

As the Branson Police Force explains in the statement, the mortal remains found belonged to David Koenig. On the other hand, the agents detailed in the statement that, after the forensic analyzes carried out, the death of this boxer “did not appear to be caused by suicide.” As reported by the medium ‘Branson Tri-Lakes News‘they assured that Koenig disappeared in February 2020 from a Branson hotel.

On the other hand, Koenig’s mother explained to the aforementioned medium that his disappearance was notified a month after his disappearance, and that during that same night he sent messages to his friends asking for help thinking he might be in danger.

It was found by a man looking for deer antlers

A man looking for deer horns It was in the forest who found the lifeless body of this American boxer. During the search, the agents managed to recover personal items of the young man. The discovery of the body occurred almost two years after the notification of his disappearance.

Before his lifeless body was located in the forest, agents conducted investigations in Taney and Stone counties, also in Missouri, and in the county of Boone, located in the state of Arkansas, after his name was put on a missing persons list.

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