MMA Academy helps change lives in Barrio Cuba

The possibility of changing lives is the main drive for Di

The possibility of changing lives is the main drive for Diego Ruiz and his MYM Fight Center academy in the heart of Barrio Cuba.

Ruiz teaches mixed martial arts and is one of the game changers in the community.

“People who are on drugs have come here and want to turn their lives around. We give them that push through sports, since this is perseverance, responsibility and discipline,” Ruiz commented.

The instructor feels satisfaction when he can reach out to someone in need, even though he knows that in some cases the goals are not met.

“Here everyone is poor, but that is not an impediment. Here we collaborate to cobuild dreams. It even fills me with pride when I run into some people who thank me for having been an important part of them, but it also hurts me when I see those who relapse,” he added.

Ruiz recently took a course in which he taught MMA basics and graduated last Saturday.

“Beyond an event with them, it is a way to keep the population active and also focused on other life perspectives,” he concluded.

Gym in Barrio Cuba is a factor of change in the community. Photos: Esteban Melendez.

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