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MMA fighter Christian Lohsen loses a testicle during training

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 11/13/2021 08:48 hs

Christian Lohsen, fighter of the Arts Martial Mixed (), revealed through social networks that unfortunately he lost his left testicle after receiving a strong blow during training, for which he had to undergo surgery, which was a success.

“In a training accident my left testicle was broken by a knee that led to it being surgically removed … thanks to everyone who helped me get to the hospital last night. I’m fine resting at home, the surgery went well.”

It is worth mentioning that this situation will not affect your ability to reproduce testosterone or to have children, so ‘Hollywood’ he took his situation with a sense of humor.

“The doctor said that I will not lose testosterone or the ability to have children from this. If I lose the other (testicle), however, it is a different story, so from now on if you hit me on my last testicle we will not be friends. .. LOL”.

How you he has gone on their last clashes?

The 26-year-old has won eight of his last 10 fights, he feels on August 19 against JonavFlok the most recent, meanwhile, his last defeat occurred on July 23, 2019 against JJ Okanovich.


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