MMA fighter lost a testicle to his knee

Hobby Mexico City / 14.11.2021 14:09:50 Being a Mixed Martial Arts fighter is a high risk profession, since

Mexico City / 14.11.2021 14:09:50

Being a Mixed Martial Arts fighter is a high risk profession, since they are highly prone to injuries and that on many occasions takes them to the operating room. Recently, took the spotlight by reporting that he has lost a after a knee in training.

The 26-year-old fighter, who has a 9-2-0 record, had to go through the medical wing of a hospital after accidentally receiving a knee to his genital area during a training fight session. Obviously, it was a painful blow and after a few minutes, the people who accompanied Lohsen decided to transfer him to a hospital.

After a check-up in the affected area, the doctors informed him that it was better to have his left testicle removed to avoid damage. Also, the fighter reported that he did not lose the ability to have children or produce testosterone.

“Thanks to everyone who helped me get to the hospital last night. I’m fine resting at home, the surgery went well. The doctor said that I will not lose testosterone or the ability to have children from this. If I lose the other one, however, it will be a different story, so from now on if you hit me on my last testicle we will not be friends … hahaha, “the martial artist wrote through the social network.

The fact, of which there is no graphic material, transcended internationally to the extent that it monopolized different articles, which caused the fighter to appreciate the gesture of covering his accident.

“I do not recommend that anyone go through this … but since I am stuck on the couch while I recover, I find it crazy how many articles / comments / forums I have seen about what happened. I’ve seen support from people I don’t even remotely know and I’ve also seen a ton of good jokes that have given me a good, much-needed laugh today. Thanks to everyone who is sending out good vibes! I will recover and come back! I have great friends and family who support me and the perfect wife helping me with anything and everything I needed, “he said humorously.