MMA: Oliveira subdues Poirier and retains the UFC lightweight belt

ANDBrazilian Charles Oliveira retained the UFC lightweight belt after submitting in the second assault the American Dustin 'the Diamond' Poirier in

ANDBrazilian Charles Oliveira retained the lightweight belt after submitting in the second assault the American Dustin ‘the Diamond’ Poirier in the UFC269 event played this Sunday in Nevada, United States.

Oliveira, who despite being champion did not arrive with the favorite band, called the skeptics with a resounding victory against a Poirier who looked good, although not complete enough. The Brazilian hit the table and claimed the lead in the lightweight division.

There was no room for speculation. From the first moment they both connected forcefully, Poirier hit with more power than the champion, who tried to quell the aspirant’s effervescence by pressing against the gate.

Oliveira tested the power of Poirier, who sent him to the canvas on several occasions. The Brazilian, a born survivor, do not collapse, he recovered and closed the first installment with force.

In the second round, Oliveira changed the dynamics. Poirier’s hands weighed more than expected, so he sought the fight. More conservative, he conquered positions of dominance from which to gain control time, fit good elbows and thus undermine the toughness of Lafayette’s ‘Diamond’.

The Brazilian continued with the same line of work and was successful in the third set. He quickly took the back of Poirier, who was overtaken by the cobweb woven by Oliveira in the form of a jiu-jitsu. The champion executed, in the blink of an eye, a kill to the American to add his twentieth victory by submission.

Oliveira vindicated himself against a Poirier who came to beat Conor McGregor twice and the one who was given as a favorite in the bets. The American had rejected the fight for the title to make a revenge with the Irish, which earned him a significant financial amount. The champion, for many, was not a fully legitimate monarch until he measured himself against ‘the Diamond’.

The Brazilian, with a record of 32 wins and 8 losses, showed that the title win over American Michael Chandler was not something circumstantial or temporary. He claimed to be the legitimate bearer of the 5 kilos of gold and leather that credited him as the lightweight champion. Oliveira’s reign has just begun.

Pea gives the surprise of the year and dethrones Amanda Nunes

For her part, American Julianna Pea submitted Brazilian Amanda ‘la Leona’ Nunes in the second round of UFC269 to become the UFC bantamweight champion in Nevada.

Nunes dominated the first round. He prevailed in the foot exchange and connected forcefully to Pea. Flush with canvas he took the aspirant’s back with apparent ease. Everything indicated that it was going to be another simple victory of what, for many, is the best female martial artist in the history of the UFC. Nothing of that.

The second round was totally different. Pea proposed, dared, and looked down at the legend. Planted a power exchange and the former champion fell into the provocation. He put aside a more tactical and calm approach, he paid dearly. The dynamite of the aspirant left ‘La Leona’ touched, who had no choice but to cling to a burning nail before the power of her rival. On the canvas, the jiu-jitsu of the American shone, who submitted Nunes with a guillotine that certified one of the surprises of the year.