MMA Powerhouse Wants To Rip Mike Tyson’s ‘Heart Out & Tear It To Shreds’

ads GettyMike Tyson Boxing icon Mike Tyson recently received a fight challenge from MMA powerhouse Bob Sapp. Sapp, 48, has a professional mix


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Boxing icon Mike Tyson recently received a fight challenge from MMA powerhouse Bob Sapp.

Sapp, 48, has a professional mixed martial arts record of 12-20-1 and 12-19 in kickboxing. The one man titan, whose nickname is “The Beast”, stands at 6’5″ and has weighed over 300 pounds in the past.

Sapp shared a video on Instagram of himself yelling “Iron Mike.” According to Tyson, the two were in talks to compete in an exhibition boxing match in 2020, but the fight never came to fruition. Instead, Tyson boxed his legendary partner, Roy Jones Jr.

“I know that Bob Sapp is a great [and] strong, but if he fights me under boxing rules, he could handle it,” Tyson told TMZ that year.

Well, The Beast still wants the 55-year-old boxer.

“Mike, now we all know what happened when you and I talked about the fight,” Sapp said in the video via BJPenn.com. “I sent you a picture along with this line: ‘Mike, if you fight me, I’ll rip your heart out and tear it apart.’ And it still applies.”

“As for you, Mike. I have a challenge for you,” Sapp continued. “Since you stopped running, listen to me for a second. You and me and two of my best fighters against two of your best fighters. Stand up, Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Because you’re too scared to fight one on one. I’ll take on all of you punk fighters. I like little Michael. I like little Michael. That’s my challenge, you know my age. fight me OR my crew.

Watch the video below via Instagram embed:

Tyson Fury recently said that it would be interesting to fight Tyson in an exhibition match

Earlier this year, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury stopped Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

After his sixth-round victory, the undefeated boxer announced that he was retiring from the sport. Weeks later, the “Gypsy King” revealed that he still wants to wrestle in exhibition matches, which includes a possible tag team match with Iron Mike.

“Every time you wake up it’s a fight because you’re fighting to survive,” Fury told Mirror Sport in a recent interview. “Every day I get out of bed is a fight, whether I’m fighting in the boxing ring or fighting in life. Whatever you’re fighting for, whatever your cause, it’s never easy. I’m hoping to do some showings and stuff like that, I’ve got some big stuff coming up at the end of the year so we’re looking forward to that.

“But never say never to get back in the ring, it’s not like I’m 52 years old. I am 33 years old, I can come back whenever I want if I wanted. For now, I’m happily content, and I could do some showings, Mike Tyson or one of the Klitschkos, someone like that, show business and entertainment. It’s something people are interested in these days.”

Sapp hasn’t competed in combat sports since 2018

The last time fans saw The Beast fight was during a mixed martial arts match against Osunaarashi at Rizin 13 in September 2018. He earned a unanimous decision win, Sapp’s first MMA win since 2010.

He also wrestled in a kickboxing match earlier that year. But he didn’t fare so well for Sapp. He was finished in the first round via technical knockout by Selcuk Ustabasi.