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MMA published Report on the State of the Environment 2021

The Ministry of Environment published the 2021 State of the Environment Report, in which it discloses 130 indicators of the country’s environmental performance, in matters of biodiversity, water, soil, waste and climate change, among others.

The publication updates to 2020 the data of different public services with environmental competence, which account for the difficult context of mega-drought that the country is experiencing and various initiatives to adapt to climate change, as well as a decrease in the emission of local pollutants and a continued increase in terrestrial protected areas, driven by urban wetlands.

An innovation of this report is that it seeks to respond to the territorial environmental interests of citizens, with an interactive application of Featured Stories (StoryMaps) of georeferenced data. This allows you to view, for example, the areas with decontamination plans and in which areas the quality standards for particulate matter have been exceeded; see the state of conservation of the different ecosystems of the national territory and the geographical distribution of the projects benefited from the Environmental Protection Fund, among other data.

The Minister of the Environment, Javier Naranjo, highlighted that the Report “allows monitoring of the various ecosystems and visualization of the effectiveness of institutional responses to environmental problems.” In addition, “it makes available to the national and international community the necessary information to understand the country in environmental terms.”

Check out the full report here.

Photography: Ministry of the Environment

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