MotoGP 2022: Aleix Espargar: “I have never had evil”

Alex Espargar, more protagonist than ever in MotoGP, was the guest on DAZN's 'La Caja'. There I talked about his life through the objects that he

Alex Espargar, more protagonist than ever in MotoGP, was the guest on DAZN’s ‘La Caja’. There I talked about his life through the objects that he was taking out.


“Japanese culture amazes me, they have a respect that is light years away from what we have. And Japanese food amazes me. I have opened a couple of Japanese restaurants in Andorra. For athletes, it seems to me a ‘top’ diet. I take care much nutrition, it is our gasoline.


“It’s my favorite animal. When I was little they called me ‘Pipo’, because when I was born, my father brought me a small stuffed animal. Not only do I have it, but I sleep with it, it travels with me in my ‘motorhome’. It gives me a lot of security” .

Get into gardens.

“I regret some of them. I feel bad because an image of me has been sold that is not true. That feels bad, but, in reality, I am who I am. If I have so many followers, with the relatively few palmars I have, it is because I always I’ve been transparent. I say what I think. I try to do it with respect. Surely, I disrespected someone and I apologize. That makes it black or white, or they love you or hate you. I’ve never had evil. ”

Laura, his wife.

“It is everything in my life. Many people say it as typical, but in my case it is true. From her, I have learned to listen. For me, I would have been a father at 19 years old. It gives me a stability that not even the best sports psychologist She designed the four restaurants that we have.”


“It was my first team in the World Cup. With Roberto Carlos. Milanello invited me and it was brutal. It was a shame that this team ended”.

Real Madrid.

“I’m from Barcelona to death, but one of my favorite shirts is one from Real Madrid, from Cristiano. I have it signed and dedicated. I love it”.

He almost ran out of motorcycle.

“It also happened to Fabio. My career has been very disrupted. Much of it my fault. There were a lot of bumps along the way.”


“In part I feel that his Moto2 title is mine, I suffered a lot with him, helping him. My brother gave me a 1989 Mini at my wedding. Aspar gave me the CRT. The Mini is my favorite car. Pol was very good. They laughed at me. I was the bastard. My father was a car mechanic and my mother worked with him. They were humble workers. I never went on vacation with them, what we had we went to motorcycles. “


“Prob, but it doesn’t give me the adrenaline of motorcycles. I like them to enjoy them on the street, but neither do karts.”

Jorge Martin.

“Perhaps I am too generous. They have helped me and it is the least. It is very nice to help.”


“He’s going to get where he wants. But he has to be calm and enjoy himself. He’s going to score a little.”


“I’ve been to a thousand riders’ meetings to convince them to go to Aprilia, it’s, humanly speaking, the best team. I’m proud of the ‘Capitano'”.

be champion

“Self-confidence is basic. Sometimes, they tell you: ‘He’s crazy’.”

The ’41’.

“I chose him because of Youichi Ui, who ran in Derbi. His manager was Ricard Jov, he lived in Blanes. He gave me monkeys and everything. It’s my life, not a number”.

Hombre de Hierro.

“I’ve signed up for one and I’ve ‘cheated’ Carlos Tatay. Life works based on challenges. The problem is that I’m losing my grip more and more.”