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MotoGP 2022: The best electric motorcycle in the world

We don’t see ourselves as a motorcycle factory, but as a generator of illusions, we see ourselves as someone who offers entertainment and almost magic. We enjoy life. Beauty is important to human beings, we have a role with society to promote beautyWith these words introduce Claudio Domenicali the Ducati MotoEthe mount with which everyone will compete in 2023 at the World Cup.

Of course, Vindola is a true racing machine. Not in vain has it been created by the racing department together with the R&D department. Is named V21L and it has little to envy to other sublime creations of those of Borgo Panigale. “It is the sister of MotoGP. Maybe it’s not the best battery or the best engine, but only the integration”, added the Ducati CEO.

In their agreement, Dorna only put two conditions on them: that he weigh less than 550 pounds and that he last long enough to complete a race distance of, at least seven laps. The end result is that weighs 225 kilos, only in the battery they go 110 and that has 18 Kwh. Interestingly, Ducati has controlled its power, they chose to make it lighter rather than more powerful. Yes, it reaches 275 km/h.

Michele Pirro, the tester, was delighted. “The first time I rode with her, I was excited. I expected it to be different because of the weight of her, the sensations are similar to a MotoGP or a Superbike. It has more cornering. It is proof that Ducati is involved in innovation and excellence to be at the ‘top’ in everything it does”, he said.

They try to control themselves, but without a doubt, it can be said that it is the best electric motorcycle in the world. There are only three manufacturers that would come close: Energica, Harley Davidson and Zero. And that, due to costs, Ducati has moderated. “Some elements could be like those of MotoGP, but ‘only’ they are of a high level,” admitted Domenicali.

hit the street

Of course, the idea is that it reaches the general public. “The concept, as always, is to develop the technology and take her to the street“, corroborated the leader. Of course, setting a date is complicated because, at the same time, in Bologna they are experimenting with hydrogen or carbon-neutral fuels. They could reach production in the next five or ten years. That’s how advanced they are.

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