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MotoGP 2022: Unique and record-breaking tribute to Valentino Rossi in his “second home”

remains one of the most beloved personalities in MotoGP despite his absence. That’s probably why in I weigh They wanted to pay tribute to their star. They have created a unique work, at the height of the former pilot: the largest helmet in the world.

“We wanted to break the Guinness Book of Records, as Valentino has done in his career”, said the mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, in the presentation of this new ‘monument’, which is already crowned in the city. It is located in Piazza D’Annunzio, near the seafront.

It is imposing. Are four meters high by six wideand is made up of polystyrene, wood, iron and resins, according to ‘SkySports’.

The creator of this work, Riccardo Sivelli, knows the importance of the Rossi figure not only in Italy, but also worldwide. For this reason, it has another peculiarity, something that makes this tribute even more unique. Anyone who approaches will have the possibility of print giant helmet visor in oleographic/3D to observe the eyes of ‘Vale’.

“This is my second home”

Rossi himself has also made statements regarding this new work that is already located in Pesaro. “This is my second home, I am happy with this gift”he pointed out at the presentation of the ‘maxicasco’.

Although not only that. The nine-time World Champion has also wanted to refer to the season that is currently going on in MotoGP. He also has his favorite.

“I hope that Bagnaia can recover and fight for the title”, assumes thus showing a certain preference for him, and also so that there is more emotion in the season finale.

He has also spoken on other topics. On his team: “I hope my brother and Bezzecchi can do more podiums.” Finally about Inter: “A great Lukaku, happy for his return to the Nerazzurri”

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