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MotoGP – Austrian GP 2022: Bagnaia’s double-edged sword

Cas expected, the Ducati dominated almost at ease at the Red Bull Ring, with five of the six bikes in the first two rows of the grid. An almost unbeatable situation for the interests of to start second and with fabio quartararothe leader, only fifth and Alex Espargar, the second overall, ninth.

Turin has a great opportunity to win, insert mounts of the same brand and get very close to the leadership. He would like that and that there were team orders, but it is not the case. Everyone has their interests. “The problem is that there are many Ducati that are fast…”, admit. The first, the premiered ‘poleman’ Enea Bastianiniwho is playing for a place in the official team in 2023 -along with Pecco himself- with Jorge Martin, which starts fourth. “My pace is quite good. We can be good at it, but I don’t want to think about winning. I’ve already made that mistake twice this year. If I have to finish fourth, I will, although I know I have to cut points,” Bagnaia added. .

Cloistered between the Bolognese motorcycles is El Diablo, who knows that passing them can be hell. He relies on his lap-by-lap shown in practice to score as many points as possible. “We have to be happy. You get to the box and you’re a bit frustrated for being only fifth, like fourth at Silverstone, and you do laps where you can’t take it anymore, you’re at the limit. We’re going to suffer, but like all year or last year, but we are prepared to fight. At 28 laps it’s different. I’m not bad at rhythm,” he said on DAZN.

Aleix Espargar also takes it with resignation, who confesses that he will try to minimize damage. “I know I expected it to be difficult. Maybe not so much. In fact, from yesterday to today we have improved my times a lot, we have improved the set-up and in the qualifying session, my good lap, despite the fact that they have beaten me. removed, I was only two tenths behind the Ducati, with the same time as Fabio, stuck in. I think that more than this is difficult, but you have to be patient. Not on all the tracks of the championship you will be brilliant, of the three best. Here it is costing us so much patience “, he indicated. The fratricidal war in Ducati can be the help of him and that of Viales or Mir.

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