MotoGP – Austrian GP 2022: Casadei gives victory to Granado in MotoE

Eric Granado won race 1 of the MotoE World Cup in Austria. She did it thanks to Casadei's gift.Finello was not in the game. He fell in training a

Eric Granado won race 1 of the MotoE World Cup in Austria. She did it thanks to Casadei’s gift.

Finello was not in the game. He fell in training and the doctors declared him ‘unfit’ for the test. It was going to be only seven laps, a sprint in the style of what is experienced with MotoGP in 2023.

Granado had made the pole, but at the start, Casadei and Zannoni won the game. Aegerter, the leader, won a place.

In the middle of the group, one each brought the first big shock at turn 1. Matteo Ferrari went down and stayed in the middle of the track. Luckily no one bumped into him.

Soon it was Bradley Smithwhich circulated further back, who was going to the ground.

Granado saw that Casadei was trying to escape and quickly caught and overtook Zannoni.

The Brazilian was launched to reduce the distance and was achieving it little by little.

Michael Pons he had had a scare, but he recovered and overtook Cardels. Instantly, the Andorran went through the gravel and gave way to the last square.

Aegerter was also going higher. Aggressively he left Zannoni behind and went for the leading do. After a slight resistance, the Swiss left.

Niccolo Canepa had a technical problem and had to withdraw.

With three turns to go, he unleashed the battle between Casadei and Granado. They passed and reviewed. Granado was trying at the end of the straight, but he went wide and had to take part of the escape to avoid falling. This brought Aegerter closer, but he was too far away and relied on a bug for options.

Casadei, a pupil of Pons, faced the final lap with half a second to spare. Eric had been content with second place, but Casadei, who had won the test, fell on the penultimate turn, turn 9. This gave the South American victory and put Miquel Pons on the podium. Fourth was Okubo, ahead of Hctor Garz and Escrig. Jordi Torres was eighth, ahead of Xavi Fors. Mara Herrera, eleventh, with Marc Alcoba, 12.

In the general, Granado cut, although not much, the Swiss, who is now the leader with 26.5 points over Eric.