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MotoGP – French GP 2022: Casadei dominates from start to finish in the first round of MotoE

Mattia Casadei (Pons Racing 40) has achieved his first victory in MotoE. His victory has been unappealable and fully deserved. He has dominated from start to finish. And when he has pressed Kevin Zannoni He has never lost his nerve.

The race started with many mishaps. Casadeiwhich starts from the pole, opens a gap in the midst of so much fuss. Jorge Torres, who was fifth, went to the ground at turn 4 in the first forays. The two-time champion of the electrical competition suffered a spectacular accident and had to go to the Medical Center. And the other victim was none other than Xavi Forés. a pity

While, Casadei he went to his own. He knew that with eight laps to go, it was best to give it his all to get away. Zannoni did not give up and moved in margins that did not exceed a second of disadvantage with respect to the leader of the first electric appointment in Le Mans.

In the absence of five turns, he was going to the ground Marc Alcoba. The event continues to have many incidents. More than desirable. In the meantime, Hikari Okubo and Dominique Aegerter They were chasing the two Italians, but they were quite far away. As things were, at the halfway point of the race everything pointed to the victory being played Casadei and Zannoni.

In his throes, Zannoni was getting dangerously close to a Casadei who had slowed down. On his side, Aegerter passed Okubo with ease. The fight for victory became a pulse between the two Italians. At the end, Zannoni fell in his attempt to overcome a Casadei who has shown great coldness to withstand the onslaught of his compatriot.

aegerter He has benefited from Zannoni’s mistake to be second and Okubo has completed the podium of the first round of MotoE at Le Mans. Hector Garz has been fifth and Michael Pons, sixth. In the general he continues to dominate Eric Granado. The Brazilian gets six points from Aegerter.



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