MotoGP – GP San Marino 2021: Mir throws in the towel

Joan Mir raise the white flag. He has tried, but sixth place at Misano leaves him 67 points behind Quartararo with 100 up for grabs. That is why

raise the white flag. He has tried, but sixth place at Misano leaves him 67 points behind Quartararo with 100 up for grabs. That is why you can see that not repeating the MotoGP title.


“It was a very hard day because I expected more. I mounted a front tire that I did not like (the hard one) and that conditioned me the whole race. I could be fast at the end of the race, but it was not enough.”

He does not sign to finish third.

“The first place has already gone to us. It is difficult for me to assume it, but it is like that. With Pecco, I do not sign a third, of course not. A third is the easiest thing we can do. We aspire to more. If we cannot win, We aspire to do more. It is clear that the Bagnaia-Ducati package is now complicated and very difficult. I have the feeling that this year I have not given everything I have inside. I hope this year will arrive and, if not, soon the year coming”.

Change the bike.

“I suppose we have brought things to make the bike stand up better. We are using a different configuration, which makes it more demanding from the front tire. I think it is the right direction for my riding style. I am convinced that Suzuki is working on it. this direction. My priority is to end 2021 in a strong way. Everything that we could advance with 2022, if we give our ‘feedback’ is already a good advantage “.

Error choosing the tire and the finish.

“I noticed in the first laps. I was able to give flashes of speed in the last part of the race, but it was already awful. It didn’t change anything at the end. I was just having a good time. I had more pace than Jack and Marc. I was able to overtake Marc, who is always difficult to overtake this year because of the acceleration. When I overtook Jack, it was very difficult for me to stop the bike, I made a ‘block pass’ and said: ‘Here Marc happens to both of us right now’. has been. It has happened to us. Then, here I no longer enter, I don’t know if I have touched the green or not. But it does not change me. Nothing happens either. I have tried and I am happy with that. I have given one hundred percent again and again it was not enough. “


“Little by little, during the season, it is not a question of patience. I know that this is not only a question of myself. It is a question of finding a set and improving. Inside myself, which gives me peace of mind and does not exhaust my patience. It is not at all that I know that Suzuki is giving everything. I know that they are working hard. We have to wait for things to arrive, that’s true, and I would like them to arrive now, but it also cannot be. I can understand it. “