MotoGP | Márquez: “The bike was to do better than an eighth”

Marc Márquez still sees in his physique the absence of a better result than his eighth place achieved for the grid of MotoGP at the Styrian GP.

Marc Márquez still sees in his physique the absence of a better result than his eighth place achieved for the grid of MotoGP at the Styrian GP.

-Why does the line draw narrower in the circuit of the others?

-Good appreciation. It is like this, in fact especially where there is more difference is in 2 and 3 and it is simply that I try to optimize the physical effort since if you go with the bike straight you are not using force with your arms. Last year or two years ago I was doing those lines, because maybe they are a bit better. Maybe for one lap they are good for me, but for a whole race I can’t stand it, because when you are doing the fan you are making force with your arms and they charge me. That’s why what I do is optimize my strength and do just enough to go fast, but also be constant, that’s why I go straight to two. In the two I cut more gas than the others, but I try to recover it. And when I braking at 3 o’clock, I also go straight so as not to have any strange movement, because at the one that I have a strange movement, my body is already ahead of me and I cannot control it well. It’s a bit what happened to me in qualifying, that I tried to find a little more, I couldn’t and I was going long. But I have tried anyway, because it was the last lap. Already in Holland I did it and in the last races, trying to optimize the force and use it in the necessary points.

-Is it better for rain and, if so, is that a bad sign?

-If we were looking for a spontaneous result we would want it to rain, but we are not looking for that. Winning a race is important, but it will not change our lives. I have already done that this year and I took a load off myself, so now I have to work for the future and for that we need to ride dry to go around, to prepare and thus also physically I demand more of myself, because yes, I train in home, but the bike that weighs is the MotoGP. That is why I hope the race will be dry and, if it is with water, as I always say, there are more chances of everything, of winning and falling. So we’ll see …

-In the fall I was in red. How far could it go?

-You can’t do pole but you could do better than I did today since the bike was to do better than an eighth. As has been seen with the first tire, I was not feeling well and I was not able to go fast, but with the second tire I was feeling well and in fact I did a lap to finish, to position myself, and on the lap in the one that was pushing I braked too late. Instead of aborting the lap, I tried it, because I knew it was the last one and I fell on the slowest corner. I have thought that ‘it will be strange that something happens’. Yes, it could have been in the second row well, but it could not be, I could not squeeze and that is why I did not make my best classification.

-If it rains, is there talk of canceling the race or moving it to Monday?

-As for the rain, if they are strong storms of those that it rains a lot in a short time, here is a circuit in which it is impossible to run because it is dangerous. There are ups and downs and that causes rivers or streams of water to form that cause a very dangerous ‘aquaplaning’. If there is an acceptable rain, you can run, as long as it is not a very big or strong storm.