MotoGP | Pol: “The circuit is not at the level”

Good fourth place from Pol Espargaro to start at the GP of Las Americas. Then, he spoke with the clarity that characterizes him about the state o

Good fourth place from Pol Espargaro to start at the GP of Las Americas. Then, he spoke with the clarity that characterizes him about the state of the asphalt at the COTA circuit.

-What do you say about the potholes on the circuit?

-The subsoil of this circuit moves a lot and generates waves under the ground that cause the asphalt to break and be cracked everywhere. We already complained two years ago to the Safety Commission, and they told us that they would pave the areas that were worse, such as the straight. But we asked that everything be resurfaced because it was going to get worse. And it makes me very angry because we have returned two years later and the areas that have been resurfaced are not so bad, but the areas where the asphalt is old is where it is worse. And this could have been avoided. This is what makes me very angry.

-Will they ask for responsibilities for the asphalt situation?

-It’s bad for me to be critical because we all wanted to race here, because it is America, because we left Europe, because the fans live the engine a lot, but it is clear that the circuit is not at the level of a world championship like MotoGP . The asphalt is very old in many areas, it is cracked everywhere. If you see it live it’s depressing. And then the jumps that there are, because they are not even bumps, it makes my neck shattered, my wrists the same. These bikes are not street bikes, they weigh a lot and are very hard and do not have a suspension to absorb these types of potholes. It is really difficult to do four laps in a row so imagine doing a race. And with this heat and humidity… it seems difficult for me to finish the race and I have rarely said this because physically I am very prepared. But here it will be very difficult not only to ride fast, but to get to the finish line.

– Did you have scares all the laps?

-Technically it will be an odyssey because it is impossible to have two equal laps and the situation will get worse in the race, first because we will all be very close together in the first laps and second because we will have a full tank. With nerves, new tires, a full tank and all of us together… that is going to be very dangerous. I don’t want any misfortune to happen, but the bikes moving at this level is going to be difficult to manage.

-If the vote not to run were opened in the Safety Commission, would it be as drastic as Aleix, who says he would vote not to run?

– It could be, yes.

-Evaluation of this fourth initial position?

-In the end the result has been good. We were coming here for the first time with this bike and Marc is only three tenths away. Not bad but we have to improve. It is difficult to find a good set up here because you do not know very well if it is a problem with the bike or the circuit. It is very difficult to get a motorcycle ready, the difficulty will be maximum at this point.