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MotoGP – San Marino GP 2022: “Bagnaia is out of the series at the level of Quartararo”

I want to be as Casey Stoner, wants to be MotoGP champion. The Italian, for the moment, has already achieved something that the Australian never achieved: four wins in a row with Ducati. Of course, the oceanic is the only one to obtain the title with those of Borgo Panigale (2007).

The Turin has something in common with the one from Southport: its chief mechanic: Christian Gabarini, what value for MARCA the milestone ‘rosso’ of his pupil. “Casey had a bike that was not that competitive compared to the others, compared to the current situation. This is not to say that I want to underestimate Pecco’s victories. In fact, it is the opposite. This is a victory for everyone, for Ducati, generally from those in the pits and those at home, who have managed to put Pecco in a position to win four races. the difference is made by the pilot. So I congratulate Pecco, who is proving to be an offbeat, not a good pilot, but an offbeat. Ducati has managed to allow him to squeeze the ability out of him,” he explained in Misano amid congratulations even from fans.


The engineer does not want to put his two pilots on the same scale. “It is difficult to make these comparisons. There are few differences. For me, someone who wins four races in a row, Misano being the sixth of the year out of 14, that is to say almost half, seeing that others don’t come just to watch, he can be considered an out of series. There was a time when there was the ‘Fantastic Four’ and one of them was Stoner (the others were Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa). Now, the level is very high, sometimes, in the qualifying session, there are 10 drivers in five tenths, with which they win four in a row, in four totally different circuits, it is to value it“, indicates.

Throughout the entire course, most of the praise is going to . In Yamaha they say that he is “on another level” because of what he achieves with the M1 against the Desmosedici. Gabarrini sees it differently. “Right now, Fabio is on another level… compared to the other Yamaha riders. Unfortunately, because I hate to see Franco (Morbidelli) and Andrea (Dovizioso) struggling. But the Yamaha is still one of the best bikes, an optimal bike and Fabio makes the difference in an incredible way. Fabio and Pecco are on the same levelthey are some out of series at this moment”, launches.

Cristian, who was also with Jorge Lorenzo, does reveal what makes Bagnaia different from the other seven ‘ducatist’ competitors. “It’s a matter of driving style. Pecco has achieved a brilliant way of understanding our bike with which he manages to fully exploit all the features of our bike. also is the one that brakes later“, he proclaims.

world closer

The technician wants to be cautious about repeating the crown, but he sees it closer. “It’s not that far at the points level if we look at how it was three or four races ago. Four years ago we were at 91 points and now at 30. Who could have imagined it? I work with numbers and I have been here for a long time and I know that just as it quickly approaches, it can move away. Everything is to be decided. We continue to work with our heads down and race by race. The goal will be to get the most out of each race”, she concludes.

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