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MotoGP – San Marino GP 2022: Bagnaia, suspended in Misano

ANDDucati’s plan for Pecco Bagnaito get closer to fabio quartararo in the leadership of the MotoGP World Championship suffered a slight complication after the first free practice, as the Italian has been suspended for the home race.

At the end of the first trial, the Turin finished his fast lap and let himself go. Thus, I was going very slowly and in the middle of the line of turn 2 when they arrived Lex Márquez and Di Giannantonio. The man from Lleida had to dodge him to avoid colliding with him and he ended up recriminating him. Pecco himself apologized.

However, the stewards opened an investigation and the ’63’ went to testify before the Panel of Stewards, accompanied by Tardozzi, the team leader. After hearing him, the judges estimated that he had “caused a dangerous situation for other pilots.” As a consequence, he was penalized with three positions on Sunday’s grid. No ‘Long Lap’. The decision does not admit appeal, as they made official.

This makes it difficult for Bagnaia to win against Fabio, who is strong. Pecco is 44 points behind the French overall.

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