MotoGP: what happened to Finland?

MotoGP This month the Finnish Grand Prix was to be held at Kymiring, but the circu

This month the Finnish Grand Prix was to be held at , but the circuit has not yet opened.

MotoGP: what happened to ?

When the 2022 calendar was announced MotoGPagain there was the Finnish Grand Prix in the circuit Kymiring for the weekend of July 10th.

The layout located in the city of KausalaLitti began to be built in 2018 with the aim of having Grade 1 to receive international categories.


For him 2019 MotoGP was scheduled to have its first Finnish Grand Prix after 34 years. However, the setbacks generated in the works by the harsh finnish winter they forced the Dorna Sports authorities to cancel the appointment.

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The following year came the pandemic of Covid-19, that forced to cancel the editions of the 2020 and also of 2021 because of the restrictions. Although little by little everything returned to normal, the works were not ready and the homologation of the circuit was lacking.

For him 2022the Finnish Grand Prix at the Kymiring was also on the calendar, but this time the war between Russia and Ukraine prevented the race from taking place as the circuit is only 100 kilometers from the Russian border.
Uncertain future

With this scenario, it is unlikely that the Finnish Grand Prix will be included in the 2023 MotoGP calendar. In addition, the organizers of the test reported that they entered into bankruptcywith a millionaire debt difficult to face.

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