MotoGP will use 100% sustainable fuels by 2027

MotoGP will use 100% sustainable fuels by 2027 (PHOTO: MotoGP) MotoGP is committed to starting its transition to the use of sustainable fu

MotoGP will use 100% sustainable fuels by 2027 (PHOTO: MotoGP)

MotoGP is committed to starting its transition to the use of sustainable fuels from 2024, reaching 100% by 2027.

Being a global platform with the ability to lead evolution in the motorcycling and mobility industry, the category, along with International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), announced their intention to embrace this sustainability for years to come.

By 2024, the fuel for all MotoGP classes will have at least 40% non-fossil origin created by each participating brand, while that of the Moto2 and Moto3 classes will continue to be supplied by a single supplier (currently Petronas).

Both categories will change to 100% sustainable fuel by 2027, along with the star division. In all, it is still planned to maintain a standardized internal combustion engine.

“Racing together, MotoGP will be a driving force for global change and greater sustainability.” assured Carmelo Ezpeleta, Head of Dorna Sports, MotoGP promoter. “Motorcycles are a vital asset to society, which makes two-wheelers a crucial part of the solution.”

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“Sustainable fuels are key to creating an achievable and viable path to a greener world, impacting billions of people, and with a number of different fuel manufacturers committed to this effort, global impact is guaranteed. Thanks to all parties involved in making this possible.

MotoGP and FIM highlight that motorcycle sales amount to 60 million units per year worldwide, with more than two billion motorcycles on the world’s roads, playing a vital role in the pursuit of cleaner, safer and greener mobility.

The plan includes each manufacturer working with their supplier to develop their own fuel, which will open the door to the development of multiple fuels which will ensure that technology and knowledge reach consumers’ motorcycles and dispensers on the street.

This will seek to create an unrivaled selection of viable and sustainable fuels, which will be developed by some of the world’s biggest energy players and tested on the highest level of two-wheeled prototypes in the world.

The origin of the fuels will be a carbon capture scheme, municipal waste or non-food biomass, achieving significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions in relation to gasoline of fossil origin. In addition, suppliers will progressively introduce the use of renewable energy in the production of their fuel.

“I am very proud of this announcement, after many months and even years of negotiations with oil companies and manufacturers, we have reached an agreement. This will allow MotoGP to be the leader in this true revolution for sustainability, “he said. Jorge Viegas, President of FIM.

“We really want to show the way to all motorcycle manufacturers that it is possible to have fun for all but with sustainable fuels. We hope that by 2027 we will have completely carbon-free fuels in our competitions, leading the way and showing that, even if the race is a small part of emissions, we must be the leaders of this change, show the way.