Movistar completes its offer to watch football: 9 more channels arrive

The Movistar Plus+ channel lineup is constantly changing to offer a better user experience. From time to time we see how some channels arrive and

The Movistar Plus+ channel lineup is constantly changing to offer a better user experience. From time to time we see how some channels arrive and others disappear, something that is especially common in the sports offer offered by the company. In the past weeks we saw how there were some changes in the channels that the operator has to broadcast football, and today there have been some more changes: Nine new channels arrive to broadcast football to Movistar Plus+.

These nine channels are incorporated into the Movistar grid to broadcast a most special competition which, in fact, is only a few days away from starting. In this way, users who have the package with this competition will be able to watch the match they prefer.

These are the 9 channels that reach Movistar Plus +

As we say, the new channels that Movistar has added to its grid are all to broadcast the maximum continental competition that we have in Europe, which is none other than UEFA Champions League or Champions League. These 9 channels are thus integrated into the grid in places with great coherence, thus making it easier for the user with a television package with football to be able to access or move around the channels that broadcast football.

In order to watch the football in this competition, Movistar Plus+ users must go to two different groups of channels. The first group of channels is placed concretely between dials 56 and 58, where the three main channels of this competition are positioned. These channels are Champions League on M+, Champions League on M+ 2, and Champions League on M+ 3. Again, number 1 is dropped to list these channels, skipping directly to 2.

The other group of channels is located much further forward than these dials, specifically we are going to see them from channel 180 to channel 189. Here the numbering continues after the previous group, so the first channel we are going to find is going to be the Champions League for M+ 4, and the last Champions League for M+ 13. Therefore, all the channels of the League of Champions will be as follows:

  • Dial 56: Champions League by M+
  • Dial 57: Champions League by M+ 2
  • Dial 58: Champions League by M+ 3
  • Dial 180: Champions League by M+ 4
  • Dial 181: Champions League by M+ 5
  • Dial 182: Champions League by M+ 6
  • Dial 183: Champions League by M+ 7
  • Dial 184: Champions League by M+ 8
  • Dial 185: Champions League by M+ 9
  • Dial 186: Champions League for M+ 10
  • Dial 187: Champions League for M+ 11
  • Dial 188: Champions League for M+ 12
  • Dial 189: Champions League for M+ 13

As we have said before, this change is very consistent if we look at the rest of the football channels that Movistar has. In the first group of Champions League channels we can see how just ahead The main channels that Movistar has to watch LaLiga are locatedthat is, LaLiga by M+ on dial 52 and DAZN LaLiga on dial 53. Along with these, we can also see the channel reserved for LaLiga Smartbank (dial 54) and the second LaLiga channel on dial 55. The same thing happens with the second group of channels, located just after more LaLiga channels, DAZN LaLiga 2 and two channels for LaLiga Smartbank.