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Movistar or DAZN? Where to watch football on LaLiga Matchday 2?

Movistar or DAZN? Where to watch football on LaLiga Matchday 2?

As you will know if you have already seen the first day of The league, the matches this season are broadcast between DAZN and Movistar Plus+ in 35 of the 38 days that make up the National League Championship. This second day will again be one in which the matches are divided between one platform and another.

So that you don’t get into a mess and you can find out if this weekend your DAZN subscription will include your team’s match or not, or what option to choose if you are a Movistar or Orange customer (the only ones who can watch all the football ), we are going to review how the calendar of this second day.

Matches broadcast by Movistar

On this occasion Movistar Plus+ has chosen the Barça game as the most important of the day, after broadcasting Almería – Real Madrid in the prime time of the opening day.

LaLiga on DAZN on Matchday 2

Streaming sports television broadcasts its first Real Madrid game on this day, after choosing FC Barcelona – Rayo in the previous one. The matches and schedules of the matches that can be seen this weekend on DAZN are the following.

DAZN in the Orange and Movistar apps

We must remember that for this second day, and until further notice, if you are going to watch a game that DAZN broadcasts and you cannot do it from a Smart TV or the deco, there are news regarding viewing via streaming.

Initially, for both Movistar and Orange clients with total football packages contracted, they had to create a DAZN account and watch those matches in your own app. However, after the incidents of the first day and display problems, both operators have announced that the DAZN channels will also be temporarily included in their apps.

«To guarantee Movistar customers access to all matches and from any device, the DAZN football CHANNELS will also be available on the M+ App».

«Due to technical problems unrelated to Orange, there have been incidents in accessing the DAZN app for viewing the matches. So that our customers can access, we have temporarily incorporated the DAZN LaLiga channels into our Orange TV app.

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