Muhammad Ali’s grandson inherits his ‘gift’ for boxing: KO in the last fight and undefeated

Nico Ali Walsh honors his grandfather's legacy APLor more likely you can't even think of being half of your grandfatherbut Nico Ali Walsh is, witho

Nico Ali Walsh honors his grandfather’s legacy

Lor more likely you can’t even think of being half of your grandfatherbut Nico Ali Walsh is, without a doubt, a boxer with great projection. To the immense media condition that causes the grandson of the one and only Muhammad Ali to get into the ring, it must be taken into account that he does not stop adding triumphs. And that his victories by way of chloroform are spectacular.

Ali’s grandson added his fifth victory in five clashes as a professional. Within the night that had as its main course the Stevenson-Valdez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, gave a recital in his fight against Alejandro Ibarra, a boxer from Denver. In the first assault -of the four scheduled-, the one from Colorado opens his guard too much and Ali Walsh connects an impressive blow. To the canvas and end of the lawsuit.

“It’s something that happens when you work on it. I was preparing with the right, I saw his left hand go down when he threw the jab and there I took advantage“, he confessed at the end of the crash in the ‘city of sin.’ A victory without opposition against a fighter who had seven wins and two losses.

The fan sees in Ali Walsh a boxer beyond marketing. In combination and movements, he is an improved athlete every time he gets into the ring and they already ask for great rivals for him. Middleweight, it should be remembered, is a place where Gennady Golovkin’s reign is complete.

At 21 years old, Ali Walsh has figures of four victories by KO and one by points. His projection follows a great path and he does not stop adding appointments on the best stages in the world. “I bring my grandfather back to life. That’s why my mother gets excited to see me. She sees her father in the ring again,” he said after adding the fifth victory in the professional field. And now it seems that she doesn’t just say it because of his tattoo on her arm. It may be true.