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Muhammad Ali’s grandson makes his professional boxing debut


Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of the former heavyweight champion and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, he won in his a professional debut.

Ali walsh defeated Jordan Weeks by TKO at Tulsa in Oklahoma, USA His punches were so effective that the fight was stopped at 1:49, of the first round, declaring him the winner by TKO.

The fight was held at middleweight and the boxer wore the shorts that were made for his grandfather in the 1960s.

The grandson of Muhammad Ali is 21 years old. He is the son of Robert Walsh and Rasheda Ali walsh (daughter of the boxing legend), had been fighting as an amateur, until she signed with Top Rank.

This fight was promoted by Bob Arum, who likewise put together his grandfather’s first fight in 1966.

Muhammad Ali died in 2016 after battling Parkinson’s syndrome, but is said to have helped his grandson Nico Ali (15 years old) in his training via facetime in his final days.

After his win, the fledgling boxer said: “It seems like a lot of pressure but, to me, it’s just my grandfather. To the crowd, he is the best boxer who ever lived and perhaps the best person. To me? He was the best grandfather! “.

Nico Ali Walsh was born on July 11, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Robert, known as Bob Walsh, worked as a chef at Rosebud and Jilly’s Steakhouse. He also served in the army. Meanwhile, her mother is an author, public speaker and advocate for Parkinson’s patients, a disease that plagued the legend to the end of her days.

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