“My goal is to become professional”

Linares boxer Jorge "wild" Pacheco: "My goal is to become professional" A positive balance of the boxing day that took place last week, made the b

boxer Jorge “wild” Pacheco: “My goal is to become professional”

A positive balance of the boxing day that took place last week, made the boxer from Linares Jorge “Salvaje” Pacheco, who pointed out that “seeing a gym practically full, with fights that heated up the atmosphere for the combat in the background, was gratifying. It was not easy personally, since Alejandro “machine gun” González was a very well-trained fighter with spectacular resistance. Thank God, in the second round, he began to feel my blows, he was wearing down, he even had some falls, but it was a nice show. People left happy after witnessing a beautiful night, which they enjoyed from start to finish. There have been 6 boxing evenings that have taken place in Linares. We are even planning a new day in September. It is a good time to thank the Sports Department, because the planning was excellent, and Mayor Mario Meza, for his support. To the people from Linares who were in the preliminary fights, such as: Cristian Yáñez, Ricardo Alarcón and Diego Baeza, who had great rivals”.
“We are working in the workshops of the educational establishments, Diego Portales and Liceo Comercial, with new students, and of course preparing what will be the next evening in mid-September. Personally, I continue to gain experience, because my goal is to reach professionalism in boxing, ”he added.

On that occasion, Mayor Mario Meza thanked the support of the community that gathered to share the evening “once again we are very happy because despite the cold, people enjoyed a spectacular night, with our greatest boxing exponent : Jorge “Wild” Pacheco. A nice activity that was part of the celebration of the 228 years of life of our city”.

Gerardo Dominguez A.
Sports Writer