Nacho Beristain and the history of…

Ignatius Beristain He has countless stories alongside great fighters and one is special, that of the only fight he trained Julio Cesar Chavezwho

Ignatius Beristain He has countless stories alongside great fighters and one is special, that of the only fight he trained Julio Cesar Chavezwho “thanked” Don Nacho with a check for 40 thousand dollars.

Don Nacho helped Chavez a couple of times to lose weight and was with him in his corner only once, in the Plaza de Toros México.

It was March 7, 1998, when Chavez and Miguel Angel Gonzalez were measured in a fight for the vacant super lightweight title of the WBC and that ended in a draw.

Before Chavez will talk to Don Nacho to have him in his corner, the Mexican idol asked permission from Ricardo “Finito” Lopez to lend to his coach.

July he told Richard: “hey, lend me your coach, don’t be slouch, for a fight,'” he recalled Don Nacho in conversation on the channel One More Round. “And the other pende ** told him ‘yes, of course'”.

After Chavez formalized with Don Nacho and the coach agreed to upload it that night.

after the fight, Don Nacho I just wanted to rest, but Chavez He sent for him, because he wanted to talk to him.

“When he arrived, the accountant told him: ‘write a check for $40,000 to beristin”, which surprised Don Nacho “And I told him ‘don’t suck, cabr **, How 40 thousand?

Julio Cesar Chavez He thought that Don Nacho he wanted more money, but the coach wasn’t going to charge him a single peso.

“Ah chingá, do you want me to pay you more? If you were only with me for 40 minutes,” he said. Julius Caesarand the coach replied: “No, I don’t want you to pay me anything, I went up with you for free.”

For the previous occasions in which Don Nacho had helped Julio, Chavez said that the payment was for all of them.

“You lost weight in Paris, you lost weight in Monterrey and I didn’t even thank you,” Julio told him. “There goes that wool.”

what he regrets Don Nacho is that he never took the photo of the check to have it as a souvenir, but one thing he is sure of is that he greatly esteems the former boxer.

“When he gets angry, he’s cabr **, but it’s cool,” he considered. “We went to greet him, he hugs me and gives me a fucking kiss on the face. What are you kissing me for? they will believe…”, he said beristin. “But the güero is cabr**, the cabr** is very nice.”

Beristain and the only fight that trained Julio César Chávez, the coolest fighter ** that Mexico has given

Ignacio Beristain does not doubt it for a second: the best boxer that Mexico has produced is Julio Cesar Chavezvery nice and with some eggs ** , assured the coach.

In the talk with Erik “Terrible” Morales, Don Nachoas sincere as ever, highlighted the qualities of Chavez.

“He was a great fighter, he took a lot of punches,” he said in the interview. “A very good defense.”

But what Beristain stands out the most is the couple of… desire that the Mexican idol put in each fight.

“And some fucking eggs**,” he added. beristin. “One would lie here and one here (on each shoulder) and they would ask him where he was carrying that pair of turkeys?”

A few days ago the famous coach was asked what his opinion of the Great Mexican Champion was, and he answered without hesitation.

“The coolest fighter that Mexico has given to the world of boxing,” concluded Don Nacho. “Who the hell can argue with you that he is the coolest fighter? And it’s the truth, the coolest fighter that Mexico has given is that güero bastard.